Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Its New Years Eve today.

Seriously, it is.

Well, Cass had her "procedure" yesterday, which went smoothly. She was nervous to go under anethesia since she had never done that before, but she was a brave lil soldier! It was a very fast surgery. When I went in to talk to her, she was still a little out of it and slurring like a drunken sailor.
"That was fast!" I said.
"Yeah... an' I don' ev'n memmer fullin sleeph," she slurred back.

After asking the nurse the same question a couple times, she finally came out of her funk, and wondered how long I had been standing there. My cute lil Cass! She was so vulnerable and drunk. My manly protective instincts were at a high for my wifey.

Anyway, thanks for everyone and their thoughts and prayers. We have such great friend's and family!

How was everyone's Christmas?? Mine was fabulous. Its so humbling to know how blessed you are around this season, while knowing there are so many others who aren't as blessed around the world. I have such a great family and great friends. Cass hit a home run this Christmas. She just knows me so well and has such a good heart! She basically gave me tons of stuff I didn't even think to ask for, but totally wanted! Talk about reading between the lines. She knows me better than I know myself. I'm unable to provide actual photos at the moment, unfortunately. But here are some of the main things I inherited:

My rents gave me this fabulous Macbook. The Inlaws gave me a nice suit (dude not included). Cass got me the snazziest "Thom Yorke Jacket" that I always wanted (Thom Yorke not included, unfortunately) as well as some sweet Converse with the word "WANPAKU" custom etched on the side. She also got herself a pair which are pink and say "KAWAII" (since I know some of you understand what those mean, i'll leave it to you to translate. First one to do so for everyone else gets a cookie.)
I recieved many other wonderfully thoughtful gifts, and I am so thankful for everything and everyone. I always think of how little I deserve what I get. The best gift of course was being able to be with such wonderful family for the holidays. Even though I couldn't see sister Meg and her fam, as well as bro-in-law Spence, their love was felt too. Love you all!

I'll have to take some snazzy pics of me in all these clothings cuz I look so HAWT. Also got Seinfeld Scene It if anyone wants to play a game about nothing with me. 
Have a happy transition into 2009 everyone! Stay tuned for my favorites songs/albums of the year... seriously. So is your face. See ya next year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Hey folks, a little news on the baby situation. Since my beloved wifey said it perfectly on her blog, I will just paste that:

"I'd like to retract my most recent post... as it turns out, my baby's sweet spirit was excited to come to earth but it's little body didn't get the memo. For some reason, unknown to me, the baby didn't develop which left me with all the pregnancy symptoms but no baby. Apparently this is very common, known as Anembryonic Gestation, and occurs in around 40% of pregnancies. It usually occurs when the chromosomes don't come together properly or there aren't enough to create a healthy developing fetus. We're sad but know that everything happens for a reason and have faith that this will not hinder our progress as we continue to try to expand our little family. I'm scheduled for a second appointment with my doctor next Tuesday to check one last time and if my belly is still empty, we'll be doing a D&C to get everything out of there (sorry, TMI!) and then Chris and I will decide whether to start trying again right away or to wait a bit before we do. We're both sad (I think I'm a bit more, as I already loved my little baby more than I can express...) but we know that our Heavenly Father will help us to deal with this and move on. Thank you all for your love and support and we appreciate everything you do for us."

: (
It was a hard thing to hear, and I especially mostly felt bad for my Cass. Its so obvious that us guys don't fully comprehend the unique bond a mother has from the very start, and I know it was hard news for her. But, we'll move on and see where fate takes us next. Kind of a whirlwind of info about all this, sorry! We shall keep you informed.

Otherwise, tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Have youselves a Merry Little Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Countdown, FO SHO!

One week till's yer holiday's so far? I already got me a sweet laptop. That shall come in loads of handy!
Me and the Cass are gonna be spendin the Christmas Eve and Christmas morn with my fam, then heading to her fam in the noonish hours. My sis Jen and Jen-hub Steve are comin to town as well, so that shall be a good time!

May as well give you kids some Christmas cheer while we're at it. There are plenty o' grand Christmas albums around...and there are even more horrible ones. But, here are some snips from a few of my holiday fav's. Check out the brilliant Sufjan tracks (by damn is he good!), the classic jazzyness Vince Guaraldi and Harry Connick Jr , and of course... The Carpenters. I particularly love Sleigh Ride cuz of the muppet oddball that sings "There's a Christmas party at the home of Farmer Gray!" about mid-way. I always wondered who the heck that was. Anyway, enjoy! (UPDATE: the player is at the bottom, it was messin with my post so I moved it)

Gramps Kirkham had majory heart surgery this last couple weeks, and for a family Christmas miracle, the old man is doing just fine. Seen here messin with crap he shouldn't...and watching the Jazz game. 80 years old and kickin! Get well soon, Gramps!
Side note... I put some newer artistic munchies over on my artsy blog (top right corner is the link). Check it.

More to come soon... Wonderfully over the top and nerdly end of year lists in the making!! Ya'lls got yours?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Well, I finalized finals. Finally.  This semester wasn't even full time, but it was a semester in which my comfort zone was basically done away with as I attempted to learn how to paint, design type, and make pots. Egad! As far as I know it all went well...I suppose we shall see. Now I should have a lil bit more time to post randomness upon you. (Maybe I shall put some paint'ns up as well) But, first thing is first...

I am not even sure who all knows this tidbit of information, but you may have heard recently that...

That's right, ladies and gents. A child shall come forth. And its mine. So far I don't feel too much different, but my wife does for some odd reason. I didn't believe it at first, but 5 pregnancy tests can't be wrong right? (Right?) 

I crave Betty Crocker's Warm Delights instant cakes, and those orange circus peanuts all the time. My stomach is getting fat too, then again, that's been happening for awhile now.

 I have a doctor's appointment on the 22nd which is exciting! As far as I can tell, the spawn shall be birthed around july or august (of next year of course). 

Maybe we will name the child which case this will be me in 15 years or so....

Or, we may name the kid David.

Perhaps he will grow into a fine young lad with a lantern like jaw and beefy lips.

And so, I bless the world with my genetics! 

UPDATE: Cass just informed me that its HER that is pregnant, not me. Which means that bit about me craving cakes and getting fat has a new meaning... but the rest is true, only with Cass's name instead of mine! : ) 
Like I said, I think Cass has told tons of people by now cuz of her blog and mass texting n' such. So, I really don't know how the etiquette goes... I just figure I'd post it up as well. For now. Like anyone reads this anyways.

Anyway, M'ry Christm's!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Post-election thoughts...

If you were around me during the last month or so, no doubt you heard me say something like "Ya know what? Its not so much Obama...its the people voting for him that bug the hell out of me!" No news segment has spoke more truth to me during this election than this

Thanks to Blair for showing me this clip. A good friend who really needs something to do now. Lend him your goodness, will you? : )

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

50 Things I Love About My Cass

November the 4th was an important day. This year, (as some of you may know) it was an historical Presidential election cuz some dude named "Bardock O'Brien" became President. (Check out some campaign footage here.) Time will tell if he is the right man for the job, but for now may our prayers be with the new Chief.

Also, it was my Grandma Kirkham's Birthday. Happy Birthday, Granny!

But mostly, it was my 2nd wedding anniversary! That's right, me and the Cass-er-ole have survived two years! On her blog, she dedicated Coldplay's song "Lovers in Japan" to me, which is spectacular cuz I was planning to do the same thing! We met in Japan long ago, as some of you may know. So, in a return tribute, here is the song's video:

I love my dear wifey so much! I'm so lucky to have her in my life. Once she made a list of the things she loved about me, so tonight I do the same.

50 Things I Love About My Wife
1. She's got a great laugh.
2. Three words: baby got back.
3. Knows more about cars than me.
4. Beautiful fair skin.
5. Loves to watch Japanese cartoons with me.
6. She runs across the street funny.
7. She encourages me in school.
8. She has funny voices.
9. Dark hair, light eyes...perfect combo!
10. Very stylish
11. She's tuff in a fight.
12. She's a video game chick.
13. Shoes...
14. Very loyal and devoted to family.
15. Makes a mean zesty spaghetti
16. She's retaining lots of rude Japanese from cartoons.
17. She's often the grown up.
18. Makes me laugh all the time.
19. Though her neck is Edward's, her heart is mine.
20. She brings home the bacon.
21. Great at decorating.
22. Thinks its sexy when I speak Japanese to her (even if I just say, "The Book of Mormon is true.")
23. Only passes gas when she's angry.
24. Has a good singing voice.
25. Cleans the house really good (when she isn't watching Love Actually at the same time).
26. Makes me straighten my towel.
27. Is honest (often brutally) when asked her opinion.
28. Very passionate about her hobbies.
29. She allows me to be myself, even if she...
30. makes sure I stay in line in public.
31. She is good with my brothers, even if they get a "funny feeling" from her (ask Daniel about that one)
32. She apparently doesn't poop. Ever.
33. Lets me know when I look like a scrubby bum.
34. She's not afraid to cry in a good movie.
35. Not afraid to cry in a bad movie.
36. She loves Silverchair, the White Stripes, the Strokes, and even enjoys Rage Against the Machine on occasion.
37. She hates Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Metallica, and does NOT enjoy Sigur Ros. But she did lie to me about liking Radiohead at first, so I would like her better. It worked.
38. She thinks I'm pretty good looking. (Haha...sucker...)
39. She loves Dragonball!
40. She completely annihilated my Endor Ship made from a candy wrapper...with STYLE.
41. Takes a knife with her in the shower if she's home alone. Just incase.
42. She's shorter than me.
43. She appeals to my manly genetic preferences.
44. She is very smart, and knows lots of littls facts.
45. Makes my heart so happy to see her when I come home at the end of the day.
46. She just purchased Death Note the movie, and I like that.
47. She has cute feet.
48. She is patient with me.
49. She loves me.
50. She lets me love her.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Hallowveen

Some treats for you tricksters.

This is the show Cass and I have been watchin this Hallow's season. Its called "Kaiki Daikazoku" or "The Great Horror Family." Tis about a family who always has paranormal happenings in their house. What's great about this opening sequence is how they have subtitled the theme song, despite it being simply "Lu's" and "La's."
Good stuff! Hilariousness.

And of course...the classic. Introduced by Kevin Garnett.

Anyone else think Thriller would be so much better these days if he turned into his modern self instead of a werewolf?

Just a thought.

Have fun kids.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


This is what I do at work. Sometimes.

More here.

And in other news, Ky Guy the Wonder Boy started a blog of his own!

This is for you, Kylorbis!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Thom.

He's a reasonable man, get off his case.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Remember me? I'm the guy that went on about talking burritos about a month and a half ago.
So, I'm still alive and all. Just friggin' busy. Started a new job in the mail room of my wife's work as well as a new semester of school. So, during the day I work, and during the night... I school. 9am-8pm. Everyday. Except Friday. No school that day. That's the main reason for my lack of postage. I'm exhausted and tired, and blogging is the last thing I think about by the day's end. Well, I actually think about it, but my body's only response is usually "meh..." and I move on to other things. Like sleeping.

Where to begin? Lotsa junk has happened recently but I hate putting it all in one post. So why don't I split that up and offer you a "COMING SOON" first? Ok...


  • Top Summer Flicks 2008!
    • related subtopic: Favorite Soundtracks & Scores...EVER!
  • Work vs. Play?
    • Getting payed to...?
  • American Idol Tryout...?:
    • That's right.
  • Music Madness 2008!
    • furthermore: Sigur Ros live!
  • Family:
    • laughing, crying, loving.
In no particular order, those are some o' the topics I'd like to get to soon, with some personal rants and raves here and there. Well, better go for now. Keep me up on this, or I'll never do it!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Clap my hands.

Seen alot of crazy stuff lately. For example, celebrity look alikes. I saw a lady that looked just like this recently:That's not a pretty lady by any country's standards, right? But, the above picture is of David Johansen, who happens to be an ugly MAN that just dresses like a lady now and then as the lead singer of the bluesy 70's punk/glam rock revolutionaries, The New York Dolls. I have not tampered with this picture at all, that is him circa 2005. But the lady I saw, looked just. like. that.
Some of you may know David as Buster Poindexter, one-hit-wonder extraordinaire known for the party anthem "Hot, Hot, Hot."

Others may remember him as the goofy cab drivin' Ghost of Christmas Past in the Bill Murray movie Scrooged.

However you remember this delightful chap, it should always be considered a fact that looking like him is never a good thing. And if you happen to be a woman while looking like him? Well, I suppose you had better have a very...VERY...sweet spirit.

Furthermore, what's with those Taco Bell radio-mercials that keep featuring anthropomorphized menu items?
You've all heard 'em. Burrito's going to the psychiatrist cuz they taste so frickin' good, or Fruitista Freeze drinks hitting on the "cute martini" by the pool. Everytime I hear those ads I wanna drive my vehicle into an oncoming semi, but whenever I try, I always end up in the Taco Bell drive through. I guess I'm not the only one with the love/hate relationship to the Bell's advertising:

Speaking of fast food, as we were on our way to the Burtenshaw Fam Reunion (which was great by the way! Good to see everyone there, especially all you Gallops under one roof!), we stopped by KFC. My dad, being the diabetic that he is, ordered a "Mega-Drink" to go with his chick'n. When they handed the drink to him, I literally thought it was the bucket of chicken that we ordered. The damn thing had a HANDLE on it! It was by all intents and purposes, a MEGA drink. God Bless America...I guess.

And finally, last night I took my bros to their first true rock show ever, as we hopped over to Salt Lake's Gallivan Center for a free Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! show.

By far one of my favorite groups in the last few years, their first self-titled album came out in 05, and is currently sitting at #4 on my list for that year. Their second album, Some Loud Thunder, came out last year, and you can see my thoughts on that here. Definately not a group for everyone, but if you are a fan of the Talking Heads, you just may like. The opening band was a group called Delta Spirit, and they were very impressive. Their album comes out August 26th I believe, I do suggest checking them out. As for the show itself, both bands were fantastic, but the "free" price naturally attracted meat heads from around the state to mosh at the first sign of a musical note, whether they know the group or not. So, most of the time was spent fighting off the hordes and protecting the bros from falling crowd surfers (we did sucker punch many a surfer), but twas an adventure. Never before have I seen such an easy going band induce so much violence and sexuality. Not the best looking of guys, (indie bands usually aren't) but we did come to the conclusion that lead singer Alec resembles a better looking version of Ben Folds. We took no pics, but some media did, if I can find those sometime, I shall post.
In the meantime, clap your hands

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Post it up

Its been a spell...guess I been busy. Lots has been going on lately, all of which I shant go into full detail here. But, we've had some good fam trips n' sech, Kirkham reunion last week and Burtenshaw one today! And I started a new job. I am a telemarketer...yay. It pays the pills, for now. But its about as fun as kicking a good friend in the groin. Then again, some of you may enjoy that kind of thing.

In the meantime, my Cass decided to cut her hair and dye it. Look how HIZZOT!!! This is from her phone, so the image isn't the best quality, but the BABE in the image is 100 po'CENT! ; ) After she did this, I had to go cut my hair cuz it was longer than hers.

Another recent occurence is a milestone.

Me and the aforementioed fabulous wifey have officially finished watching the last of the 443 episodes of the legendary Dragonball anime series (153 of Dragonball, 290 of Dragonball Z, in Japanese w/subtitles). Since I had converted Cass to it when we got married, we bought every episode and it has taken us a year and a half to finally complete it. Tis sad to end such a hobby for us, but we can look forward to the live action movie (which hopefully will not completely suck) and a new animated movie to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the series, both out next year. As far as Dragonball GT, we don't count that, since it didn't come from the Akira Toriyama books. But maybe we'll get to it someday.

Here for your entertainment is a Dragonball Rap in Spanish or Portugues (I can't tell..5 points to anyone that can). Its a lot cooler if you've seen Dragonball Z in Japanese cuz its usin' music from the show all hip-hopped up, but watch it anyway. DO IT!

So, now we have moved on to another series.
Like Dragonball, this is one I also loved as a kid in mid-90's Japan. This manga/anime has actually influenced a lot of my own creations, (those familar with them might be able to tell). Its about a junior high kid that dies, but is given back his life in return for becoming a Spirit World Investegator. So he goes on all sorts o' adventures n' stuff with various cohorts. Not quite as popular in America, but its good shtuff! Funny and action packed. The first season just got released as a special set, and the next coming out in September. Not NEARLY as long as DB (112 episodes) but it shall be fun to behold with CassiMcDiller!

Check out the that not one of the coolest opening theme songs ever? Yes, it is. Don't agree? Fight me.

Ok cool. Later

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sweet n' Sassy Molassy, and my McCassy.

So, I still haven't gotten together the pics from Cass's fun surprise party from last week. But I did load up the lil slide show I put together for her which we showed to everyone:

I sure do love my Cassidilla! Wasn't she as cute as a button? Her butt is cute too, but that's a different butt. I will bust out some sweet pics of her surprised face once pal Jamie developes said photos and/or I get them digitally from elsewhere. (Anyone reading this have any?)
Speaking of, had us a fun weekend with buddies Randall and Jamie which included (in no particular order) Scategories, curry, half-naked jogging, "shpidah's," gambling, love triangles, regular triangles, and this...

Clap Your Hands! (download this and listen to it with this picture it is amusing)

Hype is a ditch with a capital B. With any kind of art, whether it be music or movies etc, too much of it before hand can raise expectations to unfair heights, and ultimately ruin the initial experience. Even if its good, its a setup to be let down. Comic book movies tend to be shoved in said category all too much, unfortunately. Thus, I was slightly nervous for The Dark Knight-ster. But FORTUNATELY, some things are worthy of hype, like Radiohead, Disney/Pixar, and sushi. Because of Heath Ledger (and his death), this movie is possibly the most hyped in recent memory. Also because of Heath Ledger, it delivers in spades. (Ha get the card reference? Joker? Cards? Ha?...ahem...). Mr. Ledger (R.I.P.) flaunts one of the best acting performances I have seen in a long time...and in a comic book movie! It was the kind of performance that made me wish I was an actor. He's not the only one of course, and this movie goes down as possibly the best acted of the genre ever. (Count me in the vote for a post-humous Oscar nom for Ledger). Its also very close to if not THE smartest comic book movie of all time. Like Batman Begins, it follows closely to Frank Miller's version of BatMcMahon, thus creating a dark and tragic crime drama that makes you forget it comes from a comic. (And it helps in forgetting Shumacher's Batnips). Brilliant movie. Possibly the best I've seen all year, but definately up there with Iron Man and Wall-E as my fav's. Comic books are taking over : )

Also, I started training for a potential new job today. Its telemarketing which sucks, but hey, I get paid. We'll see how it goes for now.

Here's a small preview of a story I have been concieving lately about a boy that finds a genie. What color should the genie be???

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My campaign

Send a JibJab Sendables® eCard Today!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Week

Well, its birthday week in July. My dear Cass had her official B-Day on Sunday (the 6th) and I gots mine goin on today, July the of Its kinda fun having our tanjobi's so close, we usually end up just taking a lil trip or celebrating the same day.
I am so grateful for my dear wifey, and I'm glad she was borned. I will let her tell ya about her glorious day in her blog (if she decides to so do.) I still have one more small surprise for her though that should be on its way...(SSSHHH!!!)

I turn 26 today. That's almost 30. That makes me a "non-traditional" student at school.
- Technology took off with the first home computers and IBM's PC-DOS version 1.1. I think people got smarter because I was born.
- A young freshman gaurd at North Carolina named Michael Jordan hit a game winning shot with 15 seconds left to win the NCAA championship. Basketball players got better because I was born.
- Another Michael released his sophmore album called Thriller, (one of the greatest albums EVA'!)which currently holds the record for most copies sold. Music sold more cuz I was born.
- The year holds a tie for most represented year in the American Film Institute's list of top 100 movies with three (E.T., Blade Runner, Tootsie). Great movies came out cuz I was born.
Basically, I caused these things. And gas was 91 cents a gallon... That's right .91!

More facts:
Number one song day I was born: Human League's "Don't You Want Me"
Celebrities born same year: Leanne Rimes, Jodie Sweetin (Full House), Jessica Biel (!), Kirsten Dunst, Brad Renfro, Seth Rogen, Kelly Clarkson, Prince William, Devon Aoki (rawr!).
Born same DAY: My favorite actor Tom Hanks, from one of my fav tv shows Fred Savage, singer of one of my fav American bands Jack White, my favorite probably-killed-his-wife-athlete O.J. Simpson, favorite probably-killer-her-husband singer Courtney Love.

Check out these old school adds:

So check that out..."Video Discs?" it'll never catch on. And yes, that is ole Bill Shat pushin the Commodore and some space heaters. Who else would be ideal for the "futuristic" 80's than Captain Kirk himself?

Anyways, that's all of that. But I have been doing a LOT of sketching lately, and I shall post some o' dat. Gotta go eat me some Circus Peanuts.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!!!

Happy 4th, everyone.
Rather than give you an essay of our nation's history and a recipe for "Barack Obama Pulled Pork-O-Rama" here's a picture of a ninja hiding from Goku with our grand ole flag (minus a few stars and stripes). His "camouflage" obviously did not work, but its appropriate for the occasion.

(Here is some clippage, but I do warn you...all I could find is horribly dubbed English. >GAUGH!<>

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Howdy ya'll. Had us some good times in Jackson Hole and Yella'stone this past week. But until I can get the many great foto grafiti's I shall wait on that update. I'm sure ya'll er just dyin to know!!!....!!!!

Speaking of Pez, I want this Pez Dispenser. Whoever can get it for me I will tap your bottom lovingly.

Ok, which of you hasn't seen WALL*E yet? Why are you still reading this? Diddny/Pixar continue their winning streak. Wall-E McWall looks like Johnny 5's kid brother, except he doesn't speak more than a few digitized syllables. Infact, I think that's one reason I loved this one. All of 'em blip about like droids from Star Wars (Thanks to Skywalker Sound I am sure) and I love it. For some reason I am a complete sucker for strange electronic noises (probably why I love Radiohead's Kid A and the like). Aside from that, the story is excellent, touching and funny. Has a good "green" message, as well as a "get-off-yer-lazy-arse-and-do-somethin-with-yourself" message. Still, that doesn't distract from the fun. It's not propaganda, its just a smart movie about a friendly bot. Gotta love that. Every time the Eve bot laughed I got a kick out of it. Up there with Iron Man as my fav of the season so far.

I want one of these.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Celtic Pride Reborn!

The Big 3 (Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce) all finally saw their first championship

Finally, my favorite player in the NBA wins his first. I've watched him for over a decade and now he gets his with a bang! Go KG!

Not only did my favorite player get his, but they CRUSHED the life out of my least favorite player and his Satanic Team of Misfits in record breaking fashion. Seeing Kevin Garnett win, and Kobe Bryant lose...ah how sweet it is! (Kobe is like that kid in high school that thinks he is SO friggin' cool that you love it when they fall...HARD.)
And the Celtics doth record break:

Finals record 18 steals in a game
Tie for most 3 pointers in a Finals game by a player (Ray Allen's 7)
Held Lakers to a Finals record-low 2 offensive rebounds
Largest Finals margin of victory for an elimination game: 39 points
The Celts DOMINATED in every category: points (131-91) rebounds(48–29), turnovers (7–19), steals (18–4), assists (33–16) and blocks (4–0)

Game Highlights

Celtic Pride!

KG Takes Over

These are the kind of people that should win. High off his gourd from the thrill of victory and full of emotion.
Kevin Garnett: World Champion

Well done, Boston. Suck it Lakers.

And it looks as though the Hulkster celebrated in his own way by the above picture.By the way, quick review... I really liked the new Hulk. Then again, I loved the first one they did. Its not exactly a sequel as they sorta reinvented it. Not as stylistic as the first, but definately more action packed...and what else do you want with a shmo like the Hulk?
I've decided I really enjoy big angry fellas that get pissed and destroy things. Wishful thinking I suppose.

Friday, June 13, 2008


I know I just posted some randomness yesterday, but I had to put my two cents in on this.

Last night we witnessed sports history in the making. For any who missed it, the Boston Celtics won the pivotal Game 4 against the LA Lakers in record breaking fashion, and boy was it sweet!
The game started with the Lakers (Lamar Odom actually) spanking the Celtics to achieve a finals-record breaking 21 point lead in the first quarter. If I didn't want KG and the Celts to win so bad, it would've been fun to watch, cuz I actually don't mind Odom (I hate the rest of the team.) That lead was more or less held all through the second and midway into the third, and I could not stand it. Everything was going right for Satan's team, and nothing for the Lord's (GM Danny Ainge is Mormon ; ) ). I kept thinking, "why can't the team I root for ever have a miraculous game?" Blair called the game over, but The Greg and I still had faith. I said, "Odom isn't gonna be that good all night, and the Celtics aren't gonna be this bad. They will make a run, but will it be enough?"

It was. I was so close to turning the tv off, when it all turned around.
Kevin Garnett finally got his post groove on, Pierce returned from the dead, and Ray Allen was his usual smokin' self (as shown in the above picture. Look at everyone's faces haha!) Even bigger was the bench help of Eddie House and James Posey. Biggest of all? Kobe Bryant was nowhere to be seen, and Odom (as predicted) disappeared as well. Boston ran the biggest comeback in NBA Finals history to win the game 97-91 and take a 3-1 lead in the series. No team in NBA history has come back to win from 3-1, so statistics are on the Celts side. Paul Pierce has some wise words about that at the end of the bad quality clip of the highlights...take a look.

(There is a better clip at this other link, kinda long but if you are interested check it out: Highlights )

I love being right. I wish I woulda had this game on DVR. Apparently the Greg had not being wearing his rally hat until the third, so obviously that turned the game. Me? I was wearing my Boston # 5 shirt all day long.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ling Ling and other things

So, I was eatin' me some Ling Lings Potstickers the other day. Dems good. Not quite as tasty as a homemade gyoza, but "oishii" nontheless. There was a time on my mission when a companion of mine slaved over a small Japanese table making hordes of these morcels, and I downed half of them in about 5 minutes. "It took me forever to make those!" he said (in Japanese.)

My bro Daniel said it sounds like a band... "Ling Ling and the Potstickers."
Then I got to thinkin...
Potsticker-itus sounds like a disease...
Potsticker-mus sounds like a dinosaur...
PotSTINKer sounds gross...
and Ling Lings sounds like Ting Tings:

Never heard 'em? Sure you have...

And speaking of Chinese Panda's and potstickers....

Suh-WEETNESS! I wanted to see this one since I first heard about it, but this flick exceeded even my expectations. Tis a Jack Black movie, only he looks like a panda. His humor is fully translated. Plus, its got some amazing animation, specifically in the action scenes. My favorite is the various "Buh-HAW's" and "yack-huh-huh" grunts Po the Panda makes as he's getting smacked around. Definately a kung-fun film.

Tomorrow, The Incredible Hulk comes out which I am excited for of course. As well as M. Night Shyamalamadingdong's The Happening, which is rumored to have the first Dragon Ball teaser trailer...we shall see.

<--- This is a picture of the Hulk man I have that I shall be bringing to the theater with me. Shutup.

I decided to supply you with a "song of the moment" type thing now and again showcasing something I have been listening to lately, new or old. (In the grand tradition of my buddy Matt @ spitcake)

Lets kick that off in celebration of two exciting releases happening this month. (You can download these by right clicking them, or just stream them with some normal clickery)

Sigur Ros (one of my favs) graces us with their Icelandic genius once again with their new album (brace yourself...) "Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust" which apparently means "With a Buzz in Our Ears We Play Endlessly." This is their first single which is quite different from their past material. Gobbledigook

To those unaware of their greatness, I feel the need to insist you behold them! Here is a bonus track from their album by the same name, Agaetis Byjun ("an alright start") This one has put me to sleep for the last couple nights.

Also coming out(next week infact) Coldplay's new one Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends (what's with the long winded titles these days?) Everyone knows Coldplay, and you have most likely heard the song "Viva la Vida" on the iTunes commercial. Though I am a big fan, I haven't been that impressed with a Coldplay single since I heard their first one "Yellow" back in the day. The new album is fantastic! Here is another stand out track for ya: Strawberry Swing

Finally, I have decided my kid brothers are starting to surpass me in witty humor. Check dem blogs for proof: Jordy and DanWell, das it for now. Enjoy your days.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I live...

Wow, I really haven't put much on here lately. For the couple that noticed my absence, I do yet live. My only explantion is I have had TOO much time on my hands these days, and as a result I have played too many video games. (specifically, NBA 2k8... i stuck a fake super hero on the Bulls and have pulled them to the playoffs!)

One reason is that I was pretty sick this past weekend, having contracted some stomach virus that my brother gave to my brother gave to my mother gave to me. I just have to reitterate how much I HATE is possibly the worst physical feeling a human can naturally go through in my opinion. (I dare liken it unto the exact opposite of an orgasm. Ahem...moving on...) and it doesn't help that I am the most vocal vomitter ever. Cass high tailed it to her mom's house while I quarantined myself for a day or so.

Also, I am currently jobless. That's right kids, the Big Kirk is a bum while his lovely wife rakes in the cash for us. I don't consider that a good thing. I have looked a bit though. I have put in resume's to a few publishing companies for possible illustration jobs, and a few other random places doing other random things. Anyone have any leads on a good semi-job that will work with my school? If not that, at least something decent for the summer? Help me out, peops!

Furthermore, I have seen some good flicks lately:

This is a tad late, so most of you have possibly seen it already. But if not, I have seen it twice for you. Are you a fan of Dr. Jones? If you are, I think you should like the new one. Too many people expect too much from a movie like this. Were the originals GREAT movies? Not really, but they were some of the FUNNEST you'll ever see. No doubt by now everyone has heard of the sci-fi-ish ending that alot are hating over. I honestly didn't mind it. Of course, this is coming from the kid who LOVES the heart sucking Temple of Doom (why does everyone hate that one?? Docta Jone! Docta Jone!). One thing I loved about his new one is the no holds barred rediculous action stunts. Its hilarious and cool at the same time, and I think its supposed to be. Give it a shot and have fun. Indy still got game! I'd give it 7 out of 10 Crystal Skulls.

Cass and I got a chance to see The Fall in the one theater it was playing in Utah.
Many of you probably haven't heard of it, but we've been waiting for it for months. Staring Lee Pace (from the genius Pushing Daisies show that returns this fall!) as an injured silent film stuntman, and a brilliant performance by Cantinca Untaru as a fellow hospital patient that will cute the buttons off your shirt and tug the tears out your eyes. Its somewhat of a Princess Bride type of movie, where a story is being told, and we see it through the innocent imagination of a child. It is rated R for some slight violence as well as mature themes including suicide, but it is an outright fabulous movie. It is a little "artsy" and could be hard to follow at first, but I suggest it to anyone willing to give it a shot. BEAUTIFUL cinematography (shot in 18 different countries) with a very touching and often humorous story. I give it a 9.5 out of 10. Here's a preview:

Speaking of NBA, though my favorite team (the Jazz) did loose, my favorite player (Kevin Garnett) pulled the Celtics to a finals appearance and is set to begin his annihilation of Kobe-frickin'-Bryant tonight! Its gonna be a rumble of historic proportions as the two franchises witht he most Finals wins in history face off yet again! Party at Blair's. FO SHO

Well, I also started up a seperate blog dedicated to my art for the sake of making a mini-portfolio of sorts (link at top right of page). I'll update it now and then with new and old stuff, so check it on out if''n ya like! Here's a lil somethin recent to get ya there.