Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Its New Years Eve today.

Seriously, it is.

Well, Cass had her "procedure" yesterday, which went smoothly. She was nervous to go under anethesia since she had never done that before, but she was a brave lil soldier! It was a very fast surgery. When I went in to talk to her, she was still a little out of it and slurring like a drunken sailor.
"That was fast!" I said.
"Yeah... an' I don' ev'n memmer fullin sleeph," she slurred back.

After asking the nurse the same question a couple times, she finally came out of her funk, and wondered how long I had been standing there. My cute lil Cass! She was so vulnerable and drunk. My manly protective instincts were at a high for my wifey.

Anyway, thanks for everyone and their thoughts and prayers. We have such great friend's and family!

How was everyone's Christmas?? Mine was fabulous. Its so humbling to know how blessed you are around this season, while knowing there are so many others who aren't as blessed around the world. I have such a great family and great friends. Cass hit a home run this Christmas. She just knows me so well and has such a good heart! She basically gave me tons of stuff I didn't even think to ask for, but totally wanted! Talk about reading between the lines. She knows me better than I know myself. I'm unable to provide actual photos at the moment, unfortunately. But here are some of the main things I inherited:

My rents gave me this fabulous Macbook. The Inlaws gave me a nice suit (dude not included). Cass got me the snazziest "Thom Yorke Jacket" that I always wanted (Thom Yorke not included, unfortunately) as well as some sweet Converse with the word "WANPAKU" custom etched on the side. She also got herself a pair which are pink and say "KAWAII" (since I know some of you understand what those mean, i'll leave it to you to translate. First one to do so for everyone else gets a cookie.)
I recieved many other wonderfully thoughtful gifts, and I am so thankful for everything and everyone. I always think of how little I deserve what I get. The best gift of course was being able to be with such wonderful family for the holidays. Even though I couldn't see sister Meg and her fam, as well as bro-in-law Spence, their love was felt too. Love you all!

I'll have to take some snazzy pics of me in all these clothings cuz I look so HAWT. Also got Seinfeld Scene It if anyone wants to play a game about nothing with me. 
Have a happy transition into 2009 everyone! Stay tuned for my favorites songs/albums of the year... seriously. So is your face. See ya next year!


sweetieabbott said...

I'm glad that everything went well with her dc. When I had mine I was super scared too so I can relate to her experience. I loved reading how she explained the situation. It is always best to have a positive outlook during such a hard time in your life. When the time is right it will totally be worth the wait.

tenorios said...

aww!! im so glad you guys had a wonderful christmas!! and may i just say how jealous i am for your new snazzy mac-book? ohh... how i adore mac. especially the new mac-books. they are a gem, arent they?

wanpaku- mischief, naughty
kawaii- cute

now, where is my cookie?

tenorios said...

oh, p.s my familia is having a mexico meets japan potluck/ open house for me and my danna-san. on the 17th. 1035s coventry cir. orem. at around 4-ish. you and cass should come!! my dad's back in town too! they would loooove to see you guys!! and blondy!!!!!!!