Friday, June 13, 2008


I know I just posted some randomness yesterday, but I had to put my two cents in on this.

Last night we witnessed sports history in the making. For any who missed it, the Boston Celtics won the pivotal Game 4 against the LA Lakers in record breaking fashion, and boy was it sweet!
The game started with the Lakers (Lamar Odom actually) spanking the Celtics to achieve a finals-record breaking 21 point lead in the first quarter. If I didn't want KG and the Celts to win so bad, it would've been fun to watch, cuz I actually don't mind Odom (I hate the rest of the team.) That lead was more or less held all through the second and midway into the third, and I could not stand it. Everything was going right for Satan's team, and nothing for the Lord's (GM Danny Ainge is Mormon ; ) ). I kept thinking, "why can't the team I root for ever have a miraculous game?" Blair called the game over, but The Greg and I still had faith. I said, "Odom isn't gonna be that good all night, and the Celtics aren't gonna be this bad. They will make a run, but will it be enough?"

It was. I was so close to turning the tv off, when it all turned around.
Kevin Garnett finally got his post groove on, Pierce returned from the dead, and Ray Allen was his usual smokin' self (as shown in the above picture. Look at everyone's faces haha!) Even bigger was the bench help of Eddie House and James Posey. Biggest of all? Kobe Bryant was nowhere to be seen, and Odom (as predicted) disappeared as well. Boston ran the biggest comeback in NBA Finals history to win the game 97-91 and take a 3-1 lead in the series. No team in NBA history has come back to win from 3-1, so statistics are on the Celts side. Paul Pierce has some wise words about that at the end of the bad quality clip of the highlights...take a look.

(There is a better clip at this other link, kinda long but if you are interested check it out: Highlights )

I love being right. I wish I woulda had this game on DVR. Apparently the Greg had not being wearing his rally hat until the third, so obviously that turned the game. Me? I was wearing my Boston # 5 shirt all day long.


mindyk said...

That game was amazing. Kev is huge Celtics fan. He wanted to name our first-born Larry/Larrieta--blech!

We actually went to ice cream during the game because we thought it was going to be a wash. Kev came home, turned on the tv and started giggling like a little girl. It totally made his night.

Bean said...

Yes Celts! I hope they finish off Pinky and his Band of Queers tomorow!

Los Dixon said...

That was incredible, and very worthy of your post. Your picture is great! I love the thoughts, and I'm sure they were dead on. Go Boston! Burn LA!! Burn!!

LifeOnaPlate said...

Oh me of little faith.

telefonsex said...

Good Job! :)