Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Celtic Pride Reborn!

The Big 3 (Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce) all finally saw their first championship

Finally, my favorite player in the NBA wins his first. I've watched him for over a decade and now he gets his with a bang! Go KG!

Not only did my favorite player get his, but they CRUSHED the life out of my least favorite player and his Satanic Team of Misfits in record breaking fashion. Seeing Kevin Garnett win, and Kobe Bryant lose...ah how sweet it is! (Kobe is like that kid in high school that thinks he is SO friggin' cool that you love it when they fall...HARD.)
And the Celtics doth record break:

Finals record 18 steals in a game
Tie for most 3 pointers in a Finals game by a player (Ray Allen's 7)
Held Lakers to a Finals record-low 2 offensive rebounds
Largest Finals margin of victory for an elimination game: 39 points
The Celts DOMINATED in every category: points (131-91) rebounds(48–29), turnovers (7–19), steals (18–4), assists (33–16) and blocks (4–0)

Game Highlights

Celtic Pride!

KG Takes Over

These are the kind of people that should win. High off his gourd from the thrill of victory and full of emotion.
Kevin Garnett: World Champion

Well done, Boston. Suck it Lakers.

And it looks as though the Hulkster celebrated in his own way by the above picture.By the way, quick review... I really liked the new Hulk. Then again, I loved the first one they did. Its not exactly a sequel as they sorta reinvented it. Not as stylistic as the first, but definately more action packed...and what else do you want with a shmo like the Hulk?
I've decided I really enjoy big angry fellas that get pissed and destroy things. Wishful thinking I suppose.


Bean said...

2 comments on the beautiful defeat of the Lakers
1. Evil was truly vanquished and good prevailed. It was beautiful to see Kobe crash and burn!
2. Never EVER EVER let K.G. Talk in a microphone again. He reminded me of one of the glue sniffers on my mission in El Salvador who make absolutely no sense and kung-fu fought imaginary demons.

The End

Michael Paul & Holly said...

Anything's possible. ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!! Top of the world.

LifeOnaPlate said...

Did you see the Shaq rap bashing on Kobe?