Friday, August 15, 2008

Clap my hands.

Seen alot of crazy stuff lately. For example, celebrity look alikes. I saw a lady that looked just like this recently:That's not a pretty lady by any country's standards, right? But, the above picture is of David Johansen, who happens to be an ugly MAN that just dresses like a lady now and then as the lead singer of the bluesy 70's punk/glam rock revolutionaries, The New York Dolls. I have not tampered with this picture at all, that is him circa 2005. But the lady I saw, looked just. like. that.
Some of you may know David as Buster Poindexter, one-hit-wonder extraordinaire known for the party anthem "Hot, Hot, Hot."

Others may remember him as the goofy cab drivin' Ghost of Christmas Past in the Bill Murray movie Scrooged.

However you remember this delightful chap, it should always be considered a fact that looking like him is never a good thing. And if you happen to be a woman while looking like him? Well, I suppose you had better have a very...VERY...sweet spirit.

Furthermore, what's with those Taco Bell radio-mercials that keep featuring anthropomorphized menu items?
You've all heard 'em. Burrito's going to the psychiatrist cuz they taste so frickin' good, or Fruitista Freeze drinks hitting on the "cute martini" by the pool. Everytime I hear those ads I wanna drive my vehicle into an oncoming semi, but whenever I try, I always end up in the Taco Bell drive through. I guess I'm not the only one with the love/hate relationship to the Bell's advertising:

Speaking of fast food, as we were on our way to the Burtenshaw Fam Reunion (which was great by the way! Good to see everyone there, especially all you Gallops under one roof!), we stopped by KFC. My dad, being the diabetic that he is, ordered a "Mega-Drink" to go with his chick'n. When they handed the drink to him, I literally thought it was the bucket of chicken that we ordered. The damn thing had a HANDLE on it! It was by all intents and purposes, a MEGA drink. God Bless America...I guess.

And finally, last night I took my bros to their first true rock show ever, as we hopped over to Salt Lake's Gallivan Center for a free Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! show.

By far one of my favorite groups in the last few years, their first self-titled album came out in 05, and is currently sitting at #4 on my list for that year. Their second album, Some Loud Thunder, came out last year, and you can see my thoughts on that here. Definately not a group for everyone, but if you are a fan of the Talking Heads, you just may like. The opening band was a group called Delta Spirit, and they were very impressive. Their album comes out August 26th I believe, I do suggest checking them out. As for the show itself, both bands were fantastic, but the "free" price naturally attracted meat heads from around the state to mosh at the first sign of a musical note, whether they know the group or not. So, most of the time was spent fighting off the hordes and protecting the bros from falling crowd surfers (we did sucker punch many a surfer), but twas an adventure. Never before have I seen such an easy going band induce so much violence and sexuality. Not the best looking of guys, (indie bands usually aren't) but we did come to the conclusion that lead singer Alec resembles a better looking version of Ben Folds. We took no pics, but some media did, if I can find those sometime, I shall post.
In the meantime, clap your hands

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Post it up

Its been a spell...guess I been busy. Lots has been going on lately, all of which I shant go into full detail here. But, we've had some good fam trips n' sech, Kirkham reunion last week and Burtenshaw one today! And I started a new job. I am a telemarketer...yay. It pays the pills, for now. But its about as fun as kicking a good friend in the groin. Then again, some of you may enjoy that kind of thing.

In the meantime, my Cass decided to cut her hair and dye it. Look how HIZZOT!!! This is from her phone, so the image isn't the best quality, but the BABE in the image is 100 po'CENT! ; ) After she did this, I had to go cut my hair cuz it was longer than hers.

Another recent occurence is a milestone.

Me and the aforementioed fabulous wifey have officially finished watching the last of the 443 episodes of the legendary Dragonball anime series (153 of Dragonball, 290 of Dragonball Z, in Japanese w/subtitles). Since I had converted Cass to it when we got married, we bought every episode and it has taken us a year and a half to finally complete it. Tis sad to end such a hobby for us, but we can look forward to the live action movie (which hopefully will not completely suck) and a new animated movie to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the series, both out next year. As far as Dragonball GT, we don't count that, since it didn't come from the Akira Toriyama books. But maybe we'll get to it someday.

Here for your entertainment is a Dragonball Rap in Spanish or Portugues (I can't tell..5 points to anyone that can). Its a lot cooler if you've seen Dragonball Z in Japanese cuz its usin' music from the show all hip-hopped up, but watch it anyway. DO IT!

So, now we have moved on to another series.
Like Dragonball, this is one I also loved as a kid in mid-90's Japan. This manga/anime has actually influenced a lot of my own creations, (those familar with them might be able to tell). Its about a junior high kid that dies, but is given back his life in return for becoming a Spirit World Investegator. So he goes on all sorts o' adventures n' stuff with various cohorts. Not quite as popular in America, but its good shtuff! Funny and action packed. The first season just got released as a special set, and the next coming out in September. Not NEARLY as long as DB (112 episodes) but it shall be fun to behold with CassiMcDiller!

Check out the that not one of the coolest opening theme songs ever? Yes, it is. Don't agree? Fight me.

Ok cool. Later