Saturday, November 15, 2008

Post-election thoughts...

If you were around me during the last month or so, no doubt you heard me say something like "Ya know what? Its not so much Obama...its the people voting for him that bug the hell out of me!" No news segment has spoke more truth to me during this election than this

Thanks to Blair for showing me this clip. A good friend who really needs something to do now. Lend him your goodness, will you? : )

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

50 Things I Love About My Cass

November the 4th was an important day. This year, (as some of you may know) it was an historical Presidential election cuz some dude named "Bardock O'Brien" became President. (Check out some campaign footage here.) Time will tell if he is the right man for the job, but for now may our prayers be with the new Chief.

Also, it was my Grandma Kirkham's Birthday. Happy Birthday, Granny!

But mostly, it was my 2nd wedding anniversary! That's right, me and the Cass-er-ole have survived two years! On her blog, she dedicated Coldplay's song "Lovers in Japan" to me, which is spectacular cuz I was planning to do the same thing! We met in Japan long ago, as some of you may know. So, in a return tribute, here is the song's video:

I love my dear wifey so much! I'm so lucky to have her in my life. Once she made a list of the things she loved about me, so tonight I do the same.

50 Things I Love About My Wife
1. She's got a great laugh.
2. Three words: baby got back.
3. Knows more about cars than me.
4. Beautiful fair skin.
5. Loves to watch Japanese cartoons with me.
6. She runs across the street funny.
7. She encourages me in school.
8. She has funny voices.
9. Dark hair, light eyes...perfect combo!
10. Very stylish
11. She's tuff in a fight.
12. She's a video game chick.
13. Shoes...
14. Very loyal and devoted to family.
15. Makes a mean zesty spaghetti
16. She's retaining lots of rude Japanese from cartoons.
17. She's often the grown up.
18. Makes me laugh all the time.
19. Though her neck is Edward's, her heart is mine.
20. She brings home the bacon.
21. Great at decorating.
22. Thinks its sexy when I speak Japanese to her (even if I just say, "The Book of Mormon is true.")
23. Only passes gas when she's angry.
24. Has a good singing voice.
25. Cleans the house really good (when she isn't watching Love Actually at the same time).
26. Makes me straighten my towel.
27. Is honest (often brutally) when asked her opinion.
28. Very passionate about her hobbies.
29. She allows me to be myself, even if she...
30. makes sure I stay in line in public.
31. She is good with my brothers, even if they get a "funny feeling" from her (ask Daniel about that one)
32. She apparently doesn't poop. Ever.
33. Lets me know when I look like a scrubby bum.
34. She's not afraid to cry in a good movie.
35. Not afraid to cry in a bad movie.
36. She loves Silverchair, the White Stripes, the Strokes, and even enjoys Rage Against the Machine on occasion.
37. She hates Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Metallica, and does NOT enjoy Sigur Ros. But she did lie to me about liking Radiohead at first, so I would like her better. It worked.
38. She thinks I'm pretty good looking. (Haha...sucker...)
39. She loves Dragonball!
40. She completely annihilated my Endor Ship made from a candy wrapper...with STYLE.
41. Takes a knife with her in the shower if she's home alone. Just incase.
42. She's shorter than me.
43. She appeals to my manly genetic preferences.
44. She is very smart, and knows lots of littls facts.
45. Makes my heart so happy to see her when I come home at the end of the day.
46. She just purchased Death Note the movie, and I like that.
47. She has cute feet.
48. She is patient with me.
49. She loves me.
50. She lets me love her.