Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Remember me? I'm the guy that went on about talking burritos about a month and a half ago.
So, I'm still alive and all. Just friggin' busy. Started a new job in the mail room of my wife's work as well as a new semester of school. So, during the day I work, and during the night... I school. 9am-8pm. Everyday. Except Friday. No school that day. That's the main reason for my lack of postage. I'm exhausted and tired, and blogging is the last thing I think about by the day's end. Well, I actually think about it, but my body's only response is usually "meh..." and I move on to other things. Like sleeping.

Where to begin? Lotsa junk has happened recently but I hate putting it all in one post. So why don't I split that up and offer you a "COMING SOON" first? Ok...


  • Top Summer Flicks 2008!
    • related subtopic: Favorite Soundtracks & Scores...EVER!
  • Work vs. Play?
    • Getting payed to...?
  • American Idol Tryout...?:
    • That's right.
  • Music Madness 2008!
    • furthermore: Sigur Ros live!
  • Family:
    • laughing, crying, loving.
In no particular order, those are some o' the topics I'd like to get to soon, with some personal rants and raves here and there. Well, better go for now. Keep me up on this, or I'll never do it!!!