Monday, July 21, 2008

Sweet n' Sassy Molassy, and my McCassy.

So, I still haven't gotten together the pics from Cass's fun surprise party from last week. But I did load up the lil slide show I put together for her which we showed to everyone:

I sure do love my Cassidilla! Wasn't she as cute as a button? Her butt is cute too, but that's a different butt. I will bust out some sweet pics of her surprised face once pal Jamie developes said photos and/or I get them digitally from elsewhere. (Anyone reading this have any?)
Speaking of, had us a fun weekend with buddies Randall and Jamie which included (in no particular order) Scategories, curry, half-naked jogging, "shpidah's," gambling, love triangles, regular triangles, and this...

Clap Your Hands! (download this and listen to it with this picture it is amusing)

Hype is a ditch with a capital B. With any kind of art, whether it be music or movies etc, too much of it before hand can raise expectations to unfair heights, and ultimately ruin the initial experience. Even if its good, its a setup to be let down. Comic book movies tend to be shoved in said category all too much, unfortunately. Thus, I was slightly nervous for The Dark Knight-ster. But FORTUNATELY, some things are worthy of hype, like Radiohead, Disney/Pixar, and sushi. Because of Heath Ledger (and his death), this movie is possibly the most hyped in recent memory. Also because of Heath Ledger, it delivers in spades. (Ha get the card reference? Joker? Cards? Ha?...ahem...). Mr. Ledger (R.I.P.) flaunts one of the best acting performances I have seen in a long time...and in a comic book movie! It was the kind of performance that made me wish I was an actor. He's not the only one of course, and this movie goes down as possibly the best acted of the genre ever. (Count me in the vote for a post-humous Oscar nom for Ledger). Its also very close to if not THE smartest comic book movie of all time. Like Batman Begins, it follows closely to Frank Miller's version of BatMcMahon, thus creating a dark and tragic crime drama that makes you forget it comes from a comic. (And it helps in forgetting Shumacher's Batnips). Brilliant movie. Possibly the best I've seen all year, but definately up there with Iron Man and Wall-E as my fav's. Comic books are taking over : )

Also, I started training for a potential new job today. Its telemarketing which sucks, but hey, I get paid. We'll see how it goes for now.

Here's a small preview of a story I have been concieving lately about a boy that finds a genie. What color should the genie be???

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My campaign

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Week

Well, its birthday week in July. My dear Cass had her official B-Day on Sunday (the 6th) and I gots mine goin on today, July the of Its kinda fun having our tanjobi's so close, we usually end up just taking a lil trip or celebrating the same day.
I am so grateful for my dear wifey, and I'm glad she was borned. I will let her tell ya about her glorious day in her blog (if she decides to so do.) I still have one more small surprise for her though that should be on its way...(SSSHHH!!!)

I turn 26 today. That's almost 30. That makes me a "non-traditional" student at school.
- Technology took off with the first home computers and IBM's PC-DOS version 1.1. I think people got smarter because I was born.
- A young freshman gaurd at North Carolina named Michael Jordan hit a game winning shot with 15 seconds left to win the NCAA championship. Basketball players got better because I was born.
- Another Michael released his sophmore album called Thriller, (one of the greatest albums EVA'!)which currently holds the record for most copies sold. Music sold more cuz I was born.
- The year holds a tie for most represented year in the American Film Institute's list of top 100 movies with three (E.T., Blade Runner, Tootsie). Great movies came out cuz I was born.
Basically, I caused these things. And gas was 91 cents a gallon... That's right .91!

More facts:
Number one song day I was born: Human League's "Don't You Want Me"
Celebrities born same year: Leanne Rimes, Jodie Sweetin (Full House), Jessica Biel (!), Kirsten Dunst, Brad Renfro, Seth Rogen, Kelly Clarkson, Prince William, Devon Aoki (rawr!).
Born same DAY: My favorite actor Tom Hanks, from one of my fav tv shows Fred Savage, singer of one of my fav American bands Jack White, my favorite probably-killed-his-wife-athlete O.J. Simpson, favorite probably-killer-her-husband singer Courtney Love.

Check out these old school adds:

So check that out..."Video Discs?" it'll never catch on. And yes, that is ole Bill Shat pushin the Commodore and some space heaters. Who else would be ideal for the "futuristic" 80's than Captain Kirk himself?

Anyways, that's all of that. But I have been doing a LOT of sketching lately, and I shall post some o' dat. Gotta go eat me some Circus Peanuts.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!!!

Happy 4th, everyone.
Rather than give you an essay of our nation's history and a recipe for "Barack Obama Pulled Pork-O-Rama" here's a picture of a ninja hiding from Goku with our grand ole flag (minus a few stars and stripes). His "camouflage" obviously did not work, but its appropriate for the occasion.

(Here is some clippage, but I do warn you...all I could find is horribly dubbed English. >GAUGH!<>

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Howdy ya'll. Had us some good times in Jackson Hole and Yella'stone this past week. But until I can get the many great foto grafiti's I shall wait on that update. I'm sure ya'll er just dyin to know!!!....!!!!

Speaking of Pez, I want this Pez Dispenser. Whoever can get it for me I will tap your bottom lovingly.

Ok, which of you hasn't seen WALL*E yet? Why are you still reading this? Diddny/Pixar continue their winning streak. Wall-E McWall looks like Johnny 5's kid brother, except he doesn't speak more than a few digitized syllables. Infact, I think that's one reason I loved this one. All of 'em blip about like droids from Star Wars (Thanks to Skywalker Sound I am sure) and I love it. For some reason I am a complete sucker for strange electronic noises (probably why I love Radiohead's Kid A and the like). Aside from that, the story is excellent, touching and funny. Has a good "green" message, as well as a "get-off-yer-lazy-arse-and-do-somethin-with-yourself" message. Still, that doesn't distract from the fun. It's not propaganda, its just a smart movie about a friendly bot. Gotta love that. Every time the Eve bot laughed I got a kick out of it. Up there with Iron Man as my fav of the season so far.

I want one of these.