Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Howdy ya'll. Had us some good times in Jackson Hole and Yella'stone this past week. But until I can get the many great foto grafiti's I shall wait on that update. I'm sure ya'll er just dyin to know!!!....!!!!

Speaking of Pez, I want this Pez Dispenser. Whoever can get it for me I will tap your bottom lovingly.

Ok, which of you hasn't seen WALL*E yet? Why are you still reading this? Diddny/Pixar continue their winning streak. Wall-E McWall looks like Johnny 5's kid brother, except he doesn't speak more than a few digitized syllables. Infact, I think that's one reason I loved this one. All of 'em blip about like droids from Star Wars (Thanks to Skywalker Sound I am sure) and I love it. For some reason I am a complete sucker for strange electronic noises (probably why I love Radiohead's Kid A and the like). Aside from that, the story is excellent, touching and funny. Has a good "green" message, as well as a "get-off-yer-lazy-arse-and-do-somethin-with-yourself" message. Still, that doesn't distract from the fun. It's not propaganda, its just a smart movie about a friendly bot. Gotta love that. Every time the Eve bot laughed I got a kick out of it. Up there with Iron Man as my fav of the season so far.

I want one of these.


Bean said...

Me still aints seen dat! I need to! It looks awesome. I want a battle bot that can destroy people and dressed up animals

Anthony Holden said...

I know! It was awesome, huh?

karla said...

We liked WALL-E, too! And thank you for reminding me of Johnny-5. :)