Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Celtic Pride Reborn!

The Big 3 (Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce) all finally saw their first championship

Finally, my favorite player in the NBA wins his first. I've watched him for over a decade and now he gets his with a bang! Go KG!

Not only did my favorite player get his, but they CRUSHED the life out of my least favorite player and his Satanic Team of Misfits in record breaking fashion. Seeing Kevin Garnett win, and Kobe Bryant lose...ah how sweet it is! (Kobe is like that kid in high school that thinks he is SO friggin' cool that you love it when they fall...HARD.)
And the Celtics doth record break:

Finals record 18 steals in a game
Tie for most 3 pointers in a Finals game by a player (Ray Allen's 7)
Held Lakers to a Finals record-low 2 offensive rebounds
Largest Finals margin of victory for an elimination game: 39 points
The Celts DOMINATED in every category: points (131-91) rebounds(48–29), turnovers (7–19), steals (18–4), assists (33–16) and blocks (4–0)

Game Highlights

Celtic Pride!

KG Takes Over

These are the kind of people that should win. High off his gourd from the thrill of victory and full of emotion.
Kevin Garnett: World Champion

Well done, Boston. Suck it Lakers.

And it looks as though the Hulkster celebrated in his own way by the above picture.By the way, quick review... I really liked the new Hulk. Then again, I loved the first one they did. Its not exactly a sequel as they sorta reinvented it. Not as stylistic as the first, but definately more action packed...and what else do you want with a shmo like the Hulk?
I've decided I really enjoy big angry fellas that get pissed and destroy things. Wishful thinking I suppose.

Friday, June 13, 2008


I know I just posted some randomness yesterday, but I had to put my two cents in on this.

Last night we witnessed sports history in the making. For any who missed it, the Boston Celtics won the pivotal Game 4 against the LA Lakers in record breaking fashion, and boy was it sweet!
The game started with the Lakers (Lamar Odom actually) spanking the Celtics to achieve a finals-record breaking 21 point lead in the first quarter. If I didn't want KG and the Celts to win so bad, it would've been fun to watch, cuz I actually don't mind Odom (I hate the rest of the team.) That lead was more or less held all through the second and midway into the third, and I could not stand it. Everything was going right for Satan's team, and nothing for the Lord's (GM Danny Ainge is Mormon ; ) ). I kept thinking, "why can't the team I root for ever have a miraculous game?" Blair called the game over, but The Greg and I still had faith. I said, "Odom isn't gonna be that good all night, and the Celtics aren't gonna be this bad. They will make a run, but will it be enough?"

It was. I was so close to turning the tv off, when it all turned around.
Kevin Garnett finally got his post groove on, Pierce returned from the dead, and Ray Allen was his usual smokin' self (as shown in the above picture. Look at everyone's faces haha!) Even bigger was the bench help of Eddie House and James Posey. Biggest of all? Kobe Bryant was nowhere to be seen, and Odom (as predicted) disappeared as well. Boston ran the biggest comeback in NBA Finals history to win the game 97-91 and take a 3-1 lead in the series. No team in NBA history has come back to win from 3-1, so statistics are on the Celts side. Paul Pierce has some wise words about that at the end of the bad quality clip of the highlights...take a look.

(There is a better clip at this other link, kinda long but if you are interested check it out: Highlights )

I love being right. I wish I woulda had this game on DVR. Apparently the Greg had not being wearing his rally hat until the third, so obviously that turned the game. Me? I was wearing my Boston # 5 shirt all day long.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ling Ling and other things

So, I was eatin' me some Ling Lings Potstickers the other day. Dems good. Not quite as tasty as a homemade gyoza, but "oishii" nontheless. There was a time on my mission when a companion of mine slaved over a small Japanese table making hordes of these morcels, and I downed half of them in about 5 minutes. "It took me forever to make those!" he said (in Japanese.)

My bro Daniel said it sounds like a band... "Ling Ling and the Potstickers."
Then I got to thinkin...
Potsticker-itus sounds like a disease...
Potsticker-mus sounds like a dinosaur...
PotSTINKer sounds gross...
and Ling Lings sounds like Ting Tings:

Never heard 'em? Sure you have...

And speaking of Chinese Panda's and potstickers....

Suh-WEETNESS! I wanted to see this one since I first heard about it, but this flick exceeded even my expectations. Tis a Jack Black movie, only he looks like a panda. His humor is fully translated. Plus, its got some amazing animation, specifically in the action scenes. My favorite is the various "Buh-HAW's" and "yack-huh-huh" grunts Po the Panda makes as he's getting smacked around. Definately a kung-fun film.

Tomorrow, The Incredible Hulk comes out which I am excited for of course. As well as M. Night Shyamalamadingdong's The Happening, which is rumored to have the first Dragon Ball teaser trailer...we shall see.

<--- This is a picture of the Hulk man I have that I shall be bringing to the theater with me. Shutup.

I decided to supply you with a "song of the moment" type thing now and again showcasing something I have been listening to lately, new or old. (In the grand tradition of my buddy Matt @ spitcake)

Lets kick that off in celebration of two exciting releases happening this month. (You can download these by right clicking them, or just stream them with some normal clickery)

Sigur Ros (one of my favs) graces us with their Icelandic genius once again with their new album (brace yourself...) "Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust" which apparently means "With a Buzz in Our Ears We Play Endlessly." This is their first single which is quite different from their past material. Gobbledigook

To those unaware of their greatness, I feel the need to insist you behold them! Here is a bonus track from their album by the same name, Agaetis Byjun ("an alright start") This one has put me to sleep for the last couple nights.

Also coming out(next week infact) Coldplay's new one Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends (what's with the long winded titles these days?) Everyone knows Coldplay, and you have most likely heard the song "Viva la Vida" on the iTunes commercial. Though I am a big fan, I haven't been that impressed with a Coldplay single since I heard their first one "Yellow" back in the day. The new album is fantastic! Here is another stand out track for ya: Strawberry Swing

Finally, I have decided my kid brothers are starting to surpass me in witty humor. Check dem blogs for proof: Jordy and DanWell, das it for now. Enjoy your days.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I live...

Wow, I really haven't put much on here lately. For the couple that noticed my absence, I do yet live. My only explantion is I have had TOO much time on my hands these days, and as a result I have played too many video games. (specifically, NBA 2k8... i stuck a fake super hero on the Bulls and have pulled them to the playoffs!)

One reason is that I was pretty sick this past weekend, having contracted some stomach virus that my brother gave to my brother gave to my mother gave to me. I just have to reitterate how much I HATE is possibly the worst physical feeling a human can naturally go through in my opinion. (I dare liken it unto the exact opposite of an orgasm. Ahem...moving on...) and it doesn't help that I am the most vocal vomitter ever. Cass high tailed it to her mom's house while I quarantined myself for a day or so.

Also, I am currently jobless. That's right kids, the Big Kirk is a bum while his lovely wife rakes in the cash for us. I don't consider that a good thing. I have looked a bit though. I have put in resume's to a few publishing companies for possible illustration jobs, and a few other random places doing other random things. Anyone have any leads on a good semi-job that will work with my school? If not that, at least something decent for the summer? Help me out, peops!

Furthermore, I have seen some good flicks lately:

This is a tad late, so most of you have possibly seen it already. But if not, I have seen it twice for you. Are you a fan of Dr. Jones? If you are, I think you should like the new one. Too many people expect too much from a movie like this. Were the originals GREAT movies? Not really, but they were some of the FUNNEST you'll ever see. No doubt by now everyone has heard of the sci-fi-ish ending that alot are hating over. I honestly didn't mind it. Of course, this is coming from the kid who LOVES the heart sucking Temple of Doom (why does everyone hate that one?? Docta Jone! Docta Jone!). One thing I loved about his new one is the no holds barred rediculous action stunts. Its hilarious and cool at the same time, and I think its supposed to be. Give it a shot and have fun. Indy still got game! I'd give it 7 out of 10 Crystal Skulls.

Cass and I got a chance to see The Fall in the one theater it was playing in Utah.
Many of you probably haven't heard of it, but we've been waiting for it for months. Staring Lee Pace (from the genius Pushing Daisies show that returns this fall!) as an injured silent film stuntman, and a brilliant performance by Cantinca Untaru as a fellow hospital patient that will cute the buttons off your shirt and tug the tears out your eyes. Its somewhat of a Princess Bride type of movie, where a story is being told, and we see it through the innocent imagination of a child. It is rated R for some slight violence as well as mature themes including suicide, but it is an outright fabulous movie. It is a little "artsy" and could be hard to follow at first, but I suggest it to anyone willing to give it a shot. BEAUTIFUL cinematography (shot in 18 different countries) with a very touching and often humorous story. I give it a 9.5 out of 10. Here's a preview:

Speaking of NBA, though my favorite team (the Jazz) did loose, my favorite player (Kevin Garnett) pulled the Celtics to a finals appearance and is set to begin his annihilation of Kobe-frickin'-Bryant tonight! Its gonna be a rumble of historic proportions as the two franchises witht he most Finals wins in history face off yet again! Party at Blair's. FO SHO

Well, I also started up a seperate blog dedicated to my art for the sake of making a mini-portfolio of sorts (link at top right of page). I'll update it now and then with new and old stuff, so check it on out if''n ya like! Here's a lil somethin recent to get ya there.