Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Its New Years Eve today.

Seriously, it is.

Well, Cass had her "procedure" yesterday, which went smoothly. She was nervous to go under anethesia since she had never done that before, but she was a brave lil soldier! It was a very fast surgery. When I went in to talk to her, she was still a little out of it and slurring like a drunken sailor.
"That was fast!" I said.
"Yeah... an' I don' ev'n memmer fullin sleeph," she slurred back.

After asking the nurse the same question a couple times, she finally came out of her funk, and wondered how long I had been standing there. My cute lil Cass! She was so vulnerable and drunk. My manly protective instincts were at a high for my wifey.

Anyway, thanks for everyone and their thoughts and prayers. We have such great friend's and family!

How was everyone's Christmas?? Mine was fabulous. Its so humbling to know how blessed you are around this season, while knowing there are so many others who aren't as blessed around the world. I have such a great family and great friends. Cass hit a home run this Christmas. She just knows me so well and has such a good heart! She basically gave me tons of stuff I didn't even think to ask for, but totally wanted! Talk about reading between the lines. She knows me better than I know myself. I'm unable to provide actual photos at the moment, unfortunately. But here are some of the main things I inherited:

My rents gave me this fabulous Macbook. The Inlaws gave me a nice suit (dude not included). Cass got me the snazziest "Thom Yorke Jacket" that I always wanted (Thom Yorke not included, unfortunately) as well as some sweet Converse with the word "WANPAKU" custom etched on the side. She also got herself a pair which are pink and say "KAWAII" (since I know some of you understand what those mean, i'll leave it to you to translate. First one to do so for everyone else gets a cookie.)
I recieved many other wonderfully thoughtful gifts, and I am so thankful for everything and everyone. I always think of how little I deserve what I get. The best gift of course was being able to be with such wonderful family for the holidays. Even though I couldn't see sister Meg and her fam, as well as bro-in-law Spence, their love was felt too. Love you all!

I'll have to take some snazzy pics of me in all these clothings cuz I look so HAWT. Also got Seinfeld Scene It if anyone wants to play a game about nothing with me. 
Have a happy transition into 2009 everyone! Stay tuned for my favorites songs/albums of the year... seriously. So is your face. See ya next year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Hey folks, a little news on the baby situation. Since my beloved wifey said it perfectly on her blog, I will just paste that:

"I'd like to retract my most recent post... as it turns out, my baby's sweet spirit was excited to come to earth but it's little body didn't get the memo. For some reason, unknown to me, the baby didn't develop which left me with all the pregnancy symptoms but no baby. Apparently this is very common, known as Anembryonic Gestation, and occurs in around 40% of pregnancies. It usually occurs when the chromosomes don't come together properly or there aren't enough to create a healthy developing fetus. We're sad but know that everything happens for a reason and have faith that this will not hinder our progress as we continue to try to expand our little family. I'm scheduled for a second appointment with my doctor next Tuesday to check one last time and if my belly is still empty, we'll be doing a D&C to get everything out of there (sorry, TMI!) and then Chris and I will decide whether to start trying again right away or to wait a bit before we do. We're both sad (I think I'm a bit more, as I already loved my little baby more than I can express...) but we know that our Heavenly Father will help us to deal with this and move on. Thank you all for your love and support and we appreciate everything you do for us."

: (
It was a hard thing to hear, and I especially mostly felt bad for my Cass. Its so obvious that us guys don't fully comprehend the unique bond a mother has from the very start, and I know it was hard news for her. But, we'll move on and see where fate takes us next. Kind of a whirlwind of info about all this, sorry! We shall keep you informed.

Otherwise, tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Have youselves a Merry Little Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Countdown, FO SHO!

One week till's yer holiday's so far? I already got me a sweet laptop. That shall come in loads of handy!
Me and the Cass are gonna be spendin the Christmas Eve and Christmas morn with my fam, then heading to her fam in the noonish hours. My sis Jen and Jen-hub Steve are comin to town as well, so that shall be a good time!

May as well give you kids some Christmas cheer while we're at it. There are plenty o' grand Christmas albums around...and there are even more horrible ones. But, here are some snips from a few of my holiday fav's. Check out the brilliant Sufjan tracks (by damn is he good!), the classic jazzyness Vince Guaraldi and Harry Connick Jr , and of course... The Carpenters. I particularly love Sleigh Ride cuz of the muppet oddball that sings "There's a Christmas party at the home of Farmer Gray!" about mid-way. I always wondered who the heck that was. Anyway, enjoy! (UPDATE: the player is at the bottom, it was messin with my post so I moved it)

Gramps Kirkham had majory heart surgery this last couple weeks, and for a family Christmas miracle, the old man is doing just fine. Seen here messin with crap he shouldn't...and watching the Jazz game. 80 years old and kickin! Get well soon, Gramps!
Side note... I put some newer artistic munchies over on my artsy blog (top right corner is the link). Check it.

More to come soon... Wonderfully over the top and nerdly end of year lists in the making!! Ya'lls got yours?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Well, I finalized finals. Finally.  This semester wasn't even full time, but it was a semester in which my comfort zone was basically done away with as I attempted to learn how to paint, design type, and make pots. Egad! As far as I know it all went well...I suppose we shall see. Now I should have a lil bit more time to post randomness upon you. (Maybe I shall put some paint'ns up as well) But, first thing is first...

I am not even sure who all knows this tidbit of information, but you may have heard recently that...

That's right, ladies and gents. A child shall come forth. And its mine. So far I don't feel too much different, but my wife does for some odd reason. I didn't believe it at first, but 5 pregnancy tests can't be wrong right? (Right?) 

I crave Betty Crocker's Warm Delights instant cakes, and those orange circus peanuts all the time. My stomach is getting fat too, then again, that's been happening for awhile now.

 I have a doctor's appointment on the 22nd which is exciting! As far as I can tell, the spawn shall be birthed around july or august (of next year of course). 

Maybe we will name the child which case this will be me in 15 years or so....

Or, we may name the kid David.

Perhaps he will grow into a fine young lad with a lantern like jaw and beefy lips.

And so, I bless the world with my genetics! 

UPDATE: Cass just informed me that its HER that is pregnant, not me. Which means that bit about me craving cakes and getting fat has a new meaning... but the rest is true, only with Cass's name instead of mine! : ) 
Like I said, I think Cass has told tons of people by now cuz of her blog and mass texting n' such. So, I really don't know how the etiquette goes... I just figure I'd post it up as well. For now. Like anyone reads this anyways.

Anyway, M'ry Christm's!