Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Hallowveen

Some treats for you tricksters.

This is the show Cass and I have been watchin this Hallow's season. Its called "Kaiki Daikazoku" or "The Great Horror Family." Tis about a family who always has paranormal happenings in their house. What's great about this opening sequence is how they have subtitled the theme song, despite it being simply "Lu's" and "La's."
Good stuff! Hilariousness.

And of course...the classic. Introduced by Kevin Garnett.

Anyone else think Thriller would be so much better these days if he turned into his modern self instead of a werewolf?

Just a thought.

Have fun kids.


Kerstin said...

hey thought i would say hello...remember how i have a hideous picture of you in a kimono from halloween 4 years ago? wow-time flies!

I am Dayn'll! said...

Dammit chris, You took my idea.

karla said...

Very nice - Jeff and I just got a good laugh out of "Thriller." Gotta love MJ!