Thursday, June 5, 2008

I live...

Wow, I really haven't put much on here lately. For the couple that noticed my absence, I do yet live. My only explantion is I have had TOO much time on my hands these days, and as a result I have played too many video games. (specifically, NBA 2k8... i stuck a fake super hero on the Bulls and have pulled them to the playoffs!)

One reason is that I was pretty sick this past weekend, having contracted some stomach virus that my brother gave to my brother gave to my mother gave to me. I just have to reitterate how much I HATE is possibly the worst physical feeling a human can naturally go through in my opinion. (I dare liken it unto the exact opposite of an orgasm. Ahem...moving on...) and it doesn't help that I am the most vocal vomitter ever. Cass high tailed it to her mom's house while I quarantined myself for a day or so.

Also, I am currently jobless. That's right kids, the Big Kirk is a bum while his lovely wife rakes in the cash for us. I don't consider that a good thing. I have looked a bit though. I have put in resume's to a few publishing companies for possible illustration jobs, and a few other random places doing other random things. Anyone have any leads on a good semi-job that will work with my school? If not that, at least something decent for the summer? Help me out, peops!

Furthermore, I have seen some good flicks lately:

This is a tad late, so most of you have possibly seen it already. But if not, I have seen it twice for you. Are you a fan of Dr. Jones? If you are, I think you should like the new one. Too many people expect too much from a movie like this. Were the originals GREAT movies? Not really, but they were some of the FUNNEST you'll ever see. No doubt by now everyone has heard of the sci-fi-ish ending that alot are hating over. I honestly didn't mind it. Of course, this is coming from the kid who LOVES the heart sucking Temple of Doom (why does everyone hate that one?? Docta Jone! Docta Jone!). One thing I loved about his new one is the no holds barred rediculous action stunts. Its hilarious and cool at the same time, and I think its supposed to be. Give it a shot and have fun. Indy still got game! I'd give it 7 out of 10 Crystal Skulls.

Cass and I got a chance to see The Fall in the one theater it was playing in Utah.
Many of you probably haven't heard of it, but we've been waiting for it for months. Staring Lee Pace (from the genius Pushing Daisies show that returns this fall!) as an injured silent film stuntman, and a brilliant performance by Cantinca Untaru as a fellow hospital patient that will cute the buttons off your shirt and tug the tears out your eyes. Its somewhat of a Princess Bride type of movie, where a story is being told, and we see it through the innocent imagination of a child. It is rated R for some slight violence as well as mature themes including suicide, but it is an outright fabulous movie. It is a little "artsy" and could be hard to follow at first, but I suggest it to anyone willing to give it a shot. BEAUTIFUL cinematography (shot in 18 different countries) with a very touching and often humorous story. I give it a 9.5 out of 10. Here's a preview:

Speaking of NBA, though my favorite team (the Jazz) did loose, my favorite player (Kevin Garnett) pulled the Celtics to a finals appearance and is set to begin his annihilation of Kobe-frickin'-Bryant tonight! Its gonna be a rumble of historic proportions as the two franchises witht he most Finals wins in history face off yet again! Party at Blair's. FO SHO

Well, I also started up a seperate blog dedicated to my art for the sake of making a mini-portfolio of sorts (link at top right of page). I'll update it now and then with new and old stuff, so check it on out if''n ya like! Here's a lil somethin recent to get ya there.


crystal said...

Welcome back stranger. I will excuse your absence but only because the contents of your stomach were exploding out of your mouth (which I fully agree is the worst possible thing ever to happen to a human being) I hope you're feeling better.

I just want you to know that I really enjoyed Temple of Doom too, "it sound like we stepping on fortune cookie" but I certainly got a kick out of Sean Connery in the third one. Taylor and I just bought the trilogy and watched it a couple weeks ago and I couldn't stop laughing at The Last Crusade. Anyway, we haven't seen the 4th installment, but I'm sure I will love it, unbelievable stunts, aliens, and all!

The Fall does look fantastic. Some of the scenes were slightly reminiscent of The Cell (that's right, the one with JLo), but I'm sure it's a much better overall movie.

crystal said...

never fear, super girl is here! Chris I love it, thanks for sharing

Brendo2008 said...

Yes..Chris! Boston is going to win it. KG is the man! Nice art work BTW.

Michael Paul & Holly said...

Dude nice post. You are quite the ctitic. I would agree that people expected to much from Indy, just like the new Stars wars. You gotta love short round. Chilled monkey brains anyone?

mindyk said...

I am one of the alien-haters. I couldn't swallow it. No close encounters endings. Blech (Sorry, I already vented on my own blog.) Otherwise, thought it was great.

Sorry you guys were all so sick last week.

And hang in there with the job!! You'll find the right one sooner or later.

Avery said...

I love how long your posts are. Thanks for the updates! Even the ones I'd rather have not heard :D