Wednesday, April 30, 2008


UGH!! Finals weeks SUCK! This was possibly the most I've had to work my butt off during a finals week. At the same time, its been more rewarding. Not only did my history teacher assign us a dandy 12 page paper (!!!) at the last minute, but I had these doozies to work on. Anyway, here are my two final projects.

FIGURE DRAWING: Assignment - Take an artist of which we appreciate their take on the figure and emulate their style in a unique composition (did that make sense?)
I could tell you who I chose, but what's the fun in that? Anyone guess? The artist was a painter, but me being the horrible painter that I am decided the closest I can get is by computer. So, I drew it up, and had me a digipainting session.
I used my two brothers as models, then the teacher informed me we needed a third I included butt ugly Gulkee Goo on the right there. (he is also based off one of my brothers...but the face is altered...slightly... :)

Update: This I have already turned in and the teacher loved it

ILLUSTRATION: Assignment - Illustrate and make a small book at least six pages. Still haven't offically MADE the thing yet...but finally finished the illustrations! The story is based off of my cousin Deirdre's short story of Chuck the Chicken. (I'll have to put that on here sometime too for reference!) These are also drawn then colored in the computer. I went for a really raw look, but I think it turned out good. Deirdre was happy so that's all I need! These are actually meant to be viewed small too, the book I was making is pretty tiny.

Well....PHEW! Thanks Cass for putting up with me. I love ya!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Radiohead and Steve Nash

Ya gotta love the NBA playoffs. Steve Nash, one o' my fav players for quite sometime, just happens to be in a commercial opposite Manu Ginobli >cough-HATE-HIM cough-cough<.... and wouldn't ya guess? That same "House of Cards" that lulled me to sleep through the ceiling the other night shows up here too! : ) I love Radiohead...and Steve Nash...

Bad clip of the 'mercial:

Also, a Jason Kidd (we like Jason Kidd though)and better quality. YES! Radiohead and NBA is a good combo

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Radiohead, and my lack of blogging.

So, being finals weeks tis hard to post stuff lately. Especially when you are an art student; no set final tests that take a designated time. Instead, 20+ hour projects! Yay : (

Anyways, I know I've slacked on the bloggish realm as of late, and I promise to make it all up to you loyal FANS very soon (because you all are missing my lovely pontificational postings). Besides, soon as the semester is done, I'll have lotsa artsy poop to show ya's too! Here's a preview of one o' my finals...what ya think?

For now, here's a ditty for ya. So, last night Radiohead was on Conan O'Brien. Being that I don't have television at my house, I had my parents record it for me. But, I still got to hear the performance!
Ya see, as we go to sleep at night, we can always hear our landlady's tv going into the wee hours of the morn. Its never really bothered me, and I've learned to tone it out (besides I hate total silence). Last night, as I was just starting to drift to sleep, I was awoken suddenly to the instant recognition of Radiohead's "House of Cards" (one of the best on In Rainbows) coming from my ceiling! I immediately perked up and enjoyed one of the greatest bands of all time, and then drifted off to perfect slumber. It was actually a really cool experience for some reason.
Anyhow, here's the actual performance, and aside from Thom being obviously boozed up, tis a SUPERB performance. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Top 10 Sidekicks

First things first... it was a nice 80 degrees yesterday, and today it is snowing. Hard. If winter were a person I would kick him/her so hard in the shins and say "We're THROUGH!"

Anyway, as I said before, I decided I needed another humorously interesting list to keep things up. Lists of any kind are just plain great. Why? Because even stupid lists like this spark intense debate and reflection. As I thought of this list, and asked others for their opinion, I noticed that everyone thought long and hard about it, and took it unnecessarily serious. How great is that?? I found it incredible. So, here comes my official list of...


To start, what IS a sidekick? I did look up various definitions, but basically it's a companion, a chum, and/or buddy-ole-pal that assists a partner in a superior position. In fiction specifically, its a less important chap that makes the hero look so much COOLER by comparisson. Sometimes he's there to make us laugh (I found most of my favorites are funny guys), and a lot of times he's just there to ask the hero questions so he doesn't have to talk to himself in order for us to get what the heck is goin' on. Sometimes these dudes are so good at their jobs that us normal folk love them even more than the upper-classmen they're assisting.

Obviously the most famous sidekick is Robin from Batman. That being so obvious, I didn't include him. But, I did include these others...enjoy.

Sidekick to: Zach Morris

~ Screech had it good. He hung with all the cool kids. I mean, his best friend was the coolest kid in school! So, why then was Screech always the biggest DORK at Bayside High? Simple, really. To keep Zach looking that much cooler for babes like Kelly Kapowski (!!!), etc. If only having an uber-dork sidekick did the same in real high school...or did it?

Sidekick to: The Tick

~ Arthur was a former accountant. He was dressed like a huge moth. He wasn't very tough, but he was smart. Arthur is unique in that he is one of those sidekicks that makes the hero look like an idiot. But, that was his purpose. The Tick was hilarious because of how stupid Arthur made him look. Well done, son.

Sidekick to: Kevin Arnold

~ Pfieff was basically a more believable Screech. Kevin Arnold wasn't necessarily the coolest kid in school, but he sure looked awesome when hangin with Paul. Lets face it, Winnie Cooper wasn't about to choose Paul over Kevin. Paul was pretty awesome in his right.

Sidekick to: Frodo Baggins

~ Sidekick? Sam friggin saved all of Middle-Earth! Frodo would've shrivled up into a hairy ball of Hob-gooblit if it twern't fer Sammy. Besides, he damn near made me cry like three times when I first saw Return of the King. "Come on, Mr. Frodo! I can't carry it for you..but I can carry you!" >Sniff<

Sidekick to: Wolverine

~ The movie version had Rogue's character in Jubilee's position. But the comics had Jubilee as the punk kid tag along to everyone's favorite X-Man, Wolverine. She was never that tuff, but she was funny, and she brought out the soft side of the ole Canuckle Head on occasion. Any big fan of Wolverine has a soft spot for the Jubster.



Sidekick to: Peter Pan

~ I've always thought Tink was so cool. What's cooler than having a tiny, feisty, (and HOT!!) pixie as your best friend? I mean Pete's got it all; eternal youth, the kid can fly, a horde of punks following your every move...and to top it off, the hippest Fairy in all of Neverland worships him. Tink is definately a loyal sidekick, drinking poison and what not (among other things) for her hero. The last time I was at Disneyland I bought an illustration book of the Disney Fairies. Infact I used the cover of it for Tink's picture...Don't hate! Diddny always had the goods.


Sidekick to: Han Solo

~ Chewie tears people's arms off when he loses at chess. But he's still one loyal and friendly giant. Him and Tink are similar in that you can't understand a durn word they say. But when he lets out that Chewie growl, you know he mean bidniss. He's also unique on this list in that he's not only a sidekick but a bodygaurd. How many times you think Han Solo would get his trash whooped with that mouth of his if it weren't for the huge walking carpet behind him? Nuff said.


Sidekick to: Spongebob Squarepants

~ Here's the chap that inspired this list. I was watching everyone's favorite pineapple dwelling fry cook, and realized Patrick had to be one of the best sidekicks ever. At least in my humble opinion. Infact, I dare say it was Patrick that converted me to the show. He's one of the funniest cartoon characters ever, and he makes even the Sponge seem smart, which is quite the task if ya ask me. Can ya think of a better starfish to be on this list? Can ya? I can't.


Sidekick to Jerry Seinfeld

~ Georgie likes the bananas! Who doesn't like George?? Well, besides most people in the show. He is a complete loser, but he's 1/4th of the greatest sitcom of all time. Kramer doesn't count as a sidekick...he's a lone wolf. But George, he could be ANYONE'S sidekick. He just chooses to latch on to Jerry. He gives Jerry someone to make fun of, and we all think it is funny. I think one reason I love George is because I think I am basically a slightly better looking version of him.

And my number 1 sidekick is....

1.) KURIRIN (or "Krillin">wince< )
Sidekick to: Son Goku

~ Hooray! It's the Charlie Brown of superheroes! I have been a Dragonball fan since I was a red sweatpants wearing 5th grader in Japan. Kuririn makes the top of my list because despite having his arse whipped but good numerous times, he's still always seen by the side of his best friend Goku. He's bald, he's short, and can't hold a candle to the most of his friends (let alone their enemies) but he's always on the front line and loyal to the end. All that and he doesn't have a nose. Plus, he's funny to watch. He defeated one villian by farting point blank into the baddy's face. He's a perfect example of a great sidekick, and my very favorite.
Well, I actually had a small list of "real life" sidekicks we had fun cooking up as well, but I suppose they will serve well as another post for now. Until then...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

One week later...

Hey everyone. It's been a whole week now... I just wanted to thank you all so much for the support you have shown me and my family. It means so much to know so many people are praying for us, and especially Steve & Valon's family.
Its still so hard to think about. Just when you think you are doing ok, it hits you again. I didn't get to sleep too well last night. A friend of mine at school said, "Time doesn't heal, it just helps us accept." This is so true I think. It will always hurt. I find myself feeling bad when I worry about my own problems. But then I realize that's how we move on. We keep our own lives going. Still, I can't help but thinking of Steve & Valon's family, because I know it is much, much harder for them. This IS their life.
I have thought of a few things I can do to at least show my support through my "talents." So, keep your eyes posted here for some creative tributes to my dear cousin. In the meantime, my Dad wrote this beautiful poem that I would like to share. He also put some home videos we had of Brantly as a young buck online, so I think I'll share those too.
First here's the vid... (the two lil gals fishing at the end are my kid sisters.) Two bad my cute mug ain't in these shots ; )
Here's the poem:

How can I face it, how can I survive
The torment I feel as I constantly strive
To make myself better for I am so weak
I’m not sure I’ll make it, this life is so bleak.

Although, I’m a good boy, I feel so much shame,
I fear I’m not worthy and can’t honor my name.
Though I can’t find a reason, for feeling this way,
For I’ve made no bad choices to lead me astray.

I’m scared just to open my eyes in the morning,
It seems every sound rings an ominous warning,
“Today will bring failure and panic and dread”
So I hide myself deep in my fortress, my bed.

The darkness engulfs me and holds me so tight,
I can barely hear laughter, and see so little light.
I’m sure I’m a burden to those who are dear,
It’d probably be better if I weren’t here.

It seems they are crying. Oh, what have I done?
I couldn’t imagine so much sorrow would come.
So clearly, I see now, what was hidden before
That they wanted to keep me on that side of the door.

And now that I listen with crystal clear ears,
I hear how they loved me and talk of my years.
How they speak of the good and the love in my life,
Their words sink to my core like the blade of a knife.

Oh, I wish I could go back and comfort their fears,
To tell them I love them and stop up their tears.
But now I must wait and I’ll hope and I’ll pray
That I’ll see them again on some bright future day.

Till I see you again, please, take heed my dear friends
That the darkest encounters always come to an end.
Face each day with great courage and never lose sight
That the people who love you, will help you to fight.

The dark fog of depression, my perspective destroyed,
But now I can see God’s plan fully deployed.
It gives us a chance to get up when we fall,
And it’s there for each person, it’s there for us all.
“I love you from here to Japan”, I would say,
And you’ll hear that faint whisper when you remember each day,
Laughter, love and a life full of kindness and splendor,
Please think of these things when you try to remember.
-Michael Kirkham April 2008

Sorry this blog is so gloomy lately. It may be slightly low key for a bit. I hope you understand. This really hit me hard, and I still feel like I need some time to respect the situation. But I promise to throw in more of my usual lists and ramblings of all things entertaining very soon! Any suggestions?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rest In Peace, Brantly Steve Kirkham

Boy, is life hard sometimes. This past weekend was one of the saddest I have experienced. Thursday we recieved the terrible news that my 18 year old cousin, Brantly, had taken his own life. It really came as a complete shock to everyone. He was such a nice, smart, good kid. How could this happen?
Depression is a running biological/emotional "trend" in the Kirkham family. Apparently over the last 7 months or so, Brantly has suffered from it so severely that it quickly spiraled into this tragedy. His parents got him help and loved him all along the way and they did all they could.
Brantly was one of the nicest, brightest kids you could ever meet. He was the first born of my dad's youngest brother, Steve. When I first hugged Steve sobbing, he said to me(paraphrasing) "Chris, Brantly never did anything to shame us. He never swore, he was always respectful, he was full of love for everyone. Up to his last weeks he was studying his scriptures and going to missionary prep classes. He was the one we never had to worry about. He was the perfect child. In that I can be at peace. But this depression got to him like a cancer and destroyed him." Steve said Brantly was everything they hoped for in a child.

It completely breaks my heart to know that Brantly was hurting so much inside, enough to take his own life. There is no way Brantly would do this in his right mind. Whatever it was had to be so severe that, like my uncle said, it took him like cancer. I wish so bad I could have been there for him somehow! Only God knows what was in Brantly's heart, and I know that whatever burden he had, that same God is freeing him from it right now.

My heart breaks even more when I think of Steve and Valon and the rest of their family. My only desire these past few days has been to help them in every way I could, which frustratingly isn't much else than being here for them.

Because our family is so incredibly close, it has made this so very hard. I have never seen this family so unglued before, and it was nearly unbearable. Still, through this tragedy, I witnessed and felt such a great love this weekend. In typical Kirkham fashion, there was as much laughing and irreverent joking as there was crying. The running joke was "Some shitty reunion this turned out to be..." and Grandpa kept saying "When do we eat?" Steve even mentioned that Brant had nice Dolby surround sound speakers equipped in the casket (sp?). We all came together and will keep moving together through this. Steve said "these last few days, ironically, will probably be the easiest. Its when the family starts trickling back to their homes that its going to hit hard." I pray so much that they can be comforted. We're here for you guys! Always!
Sorrow aside, it was such a good funeral. Such a strong spirit of love for Brantly. My Grandpa (who gave a beautiful talk) said it is the biggest funeral he has ever seen.

Well, I actually don't want this to be completely depressing. I'd like to pay tribute to Brant with some stories and memories of the lil guy.So many fond memories of the kid.
- When he was just a baby his family moved out to St Louis while my family lived across the Mississippi in Illinois. I was about 7 or 8 at the time. I can remember his family staying out our house and Brantly used to sleep in my room on the floor. I would look down at him to make sure he was doing ok, but when morning came, he wasn't there! I quickly looked around my room, and the lil chub was sitting in the corner just staring at me with the classic Brantly grin. I can also remember going to their house to swim, as their appartment complex had a pool.
- Brantly was quite the whiner as a youngin. He sounded astoundingly similar to Pee Wee Herman. His dad would always say "Quit milkin' it, Brant!" and we would all make "milking the cow" hand gestures.
- This story has turned into somewhat of a legend since nobody remembers it. But I have an old cassette tape of me and another cousin talking to each other in which he says "Did you hear how Brantly got out of the bath and put a lip balm cap right on his unit? It fit perfectly like a little hat!" Whether it happened or not, it sounds like Brantly to me. : )
- When he was about 4 years old, my family was living in Japan, and we came to Idaho for the summer. Lil Brant was my sidekick that summer. I had a good 7 years on him, but he was the cutest kid and I didn't mind him following me around! I remember after that summer Valon telling me he would sometimes ask "When is Chris coming to visit?" That always made me feel good : )
- One Thanksgiving as all the grandkids were chillin' at a table downstairs, Brantly exclaimed "Sometimes my dad does the 'Ass Dance' and shakes his ass like this." He proceeded to shake it as we all laughed. Did he just say "Ass Dance?" Later, I went upstairs and said to his dad "What are you teachin your kid? He told us all about your Ass Dance!" Steve (claimed) he had no clue what that was about. His mom called him upstairs and said "Brantly, a little bird came by and told me you were saying some naughty words" He started Pee Wee Hermanizing: "Aw...but...meh... a bird?" So I guess the claim that he never swore doesn't hold TOO much water ; )

We all got older, and of course when that happens you don't see as much of your family as you once did. I'd always see him at family reunions and get togethers, and through the years, despite being 7 years or so older, I always had a special place for Brant in my heart because of the many fond memories I had. The last time I saw him was a few months ago as I sat next to him at the table for a card game with some other cousins and grandma and grandpa. We talked about him getting ready to go on a mission and how he wanted to go to Japan (which is where two of our uncles, my dad, my cousin, and I all went). I know he's serving a good mission elsewhere right now.

Apparently, at Shelley High School where Brant attended, a tradition went around for some holiday (I can't remember that detail) where guys would give girls a can of Orange Crush. His senior year, Brantly bought one for every girl in his senior class. That's what kind of kid he was. He was a Christ-like example if there ever was one. Which makes this all so much harder to comprehend.
Its been very hard for me these past few days. At work I kept hearing music that I know he liked, and when Cass called me I couldn't hold it anymore. I had to go in the back room and just let it out.

Life is too short, people! Let those around you know you love them. Help those around you, and let those around you help. Steve and Valon said the last few weeks they have just been having a great time and being together as a family. They couldn't have planned a better last few weeks even if they knew what would happen. That makes me so happy to hear.
We know you are watching over us, buddy. We love and miss you so much.
I dedicate a few songs to my cousin and the ones that loved him. Take a listen and read the lyrics too:
SWITCHFOOT - DARE YOU TO MOVE (I know Brantly liked these guys)

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