Thursday, December 18, 2008

Countdown, FO SHO!

One week till's yer holiday's so far? I already got me a sweet laptop. That shall come in loads of handy!
Me and the Cass are gonna be spendin the Christmas Eve and Christmas morn with my fam, then heading to her fam in the noonish hours. My sis Jen and Jen-hub Steve are comin to town as well, so that shall be a good time!

May as well give you kids some Christmas cheer while we're at it. There are plenty o' grand Christmas albums around...and there are even more horrible ones. But, here are some snips from a few of my holiday fav's. Check out the brilliant Sufjan tracks (by damn is he good!), the classic jazzyness Vince Guaraldi and Harry Connick Jr , and of course... The Carpenters. I particularly love Sleigh Ride cuz of the muppet oddball that sings "There's a Christmas party at the home of Farmer Gray!" about mid-way. I always wondered who the heck that was. Anyway, enjoy! (UPDATE: the player is at the bottom, it was messin with my post so I moved it)

Gramps Kirkham had majory heart surgery this last couple weeks, and for a family Christmas miracle, the old man is doing just fine. Seen here messin with crap he shouldn't...and watching the Jazz game. 80 years old and kickin! Get well soon, Gramps!
Side note... I put some newer artistic munchies over on my artsy blog (top right corner is the link). Check it.

More to come soon... Wonderfully over the top and nerdly end of year lists in the making!! Ya'lls got yours?


crystal said...

hahah, oh my gosh Chris! I have always wondered that same thing myself about the Carpenters mysterious Muppet man. Oh man, I thought I was the only one who found that strangely out of place.

Jenni said...

That is one fun video contraption you've got there! Can't wait to give it a whirl in a few days!

mckarlie said...

You don't know who the Muppet man is! Why- it's only Richard! Man- Karen got all the good singing genes.

I am Dayn'll! said...