Sunday, January 20, 2008

Some stuff I been workin' on...

The assignment was to do two quill pen drawings, each with a different style. I've never used quill pens before, and you can see where the ink dripped n' stuff. We weren't supposed to do any gray tones either. Not too shabby I suppose. (descriptions below images)

"They didn't think there would be mermaids..."
More of a Classic Pooh style. Winnie the Pan and Tinklet see a mermaid under the bridge.

"Tigger the Hook"

More of a cartoony, Disney-ish style. That's what Tiggers do best.

This is a portrait of my Grandpa in his navy days I did for his 80th birthday...I'm not to confident in my portraits. I dunno how I like it, but he did, so that's what counts.


matt lohrke said...

dood, you gots mad skills.

where was i when god was passing out talents? a) the back of the line; or b) skipping class.

those are amazing.

crystal said...

maybe you should learn how to ink, as in tattooing. Seriously, I would totally let you tattoo me (after you practiced on a couple hundred people first, naturally) but seriously, I agree with Matt...mad skills.

mckarlie said...

Very good, my friend! And whatever about the not very good at the portraits thing, i find that drawing fantasatic!
Winnie the clever, you are.

Sky & Steph said...

Holy cow! I wish I could draw, simply amazin'! All of those are spectacular!!

Mindy said...

Thanks for the comment. Very awesome DRAWINGS! Especially the Winnie the Pan stuff! Love it! (What's Cass's blog site?)