Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Continuational Listings of my Flava Favorites of double-0 seven.

Across from me, there is a man sitting who's skin is completely red! Now I have the "What Makes the Red Man Red?" song stuck in my mind...

And... we continue with 19-11 I guess. (Shoulda ended with 21 last post...) On the last post, I've included ways for you to hear each of these songs, by playlist stream, or youtube video. I've also done that here. The vids mostly likely have nothing to do with the song, they just happened to have the song in it. So, if you haven't heard them, feel free to check 'em out! (I'm at school right now and can't hear the if they don't work, come back later and I should have them fixed.) That's swell eh? I'm nice like that. Moving on...

19.) Please Read the Letter - Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

This was the first song I heard when I decided to see how this "beauty and the beast" combo was to sound. Instantly blown away. Not necessarily the album's best example of the harmonic chemistry the two posess, but definately my favorite song of the collection.

18.) Lovesong of the Buzzard - Iron & Wine

This song doesn't have a chorus. Just a flawless folksy harmony for the intelligent poetry. And if anyone's lyrics can be counted as such, it's Sam Beam's. "No one is the saviour they would like to be /The lovesong of the buzzard in the dogwood tree /With a train of horses laughing through the traffic line /And the cradle's unimaginative sense of time." Such a great song!

17.)Prelude for Time Feelers - Eluvium

The first instrumental of the list. A simple classical piano melody, (that reminds me more than a little of Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata") builds slowly as layers of synth and/or string and horns are added to the song in an epic fashion. It is mesmerizingly beautiful, and it quickly became one of the most played songs on my iPod this year.

16.) House of Cards - Radiohead

This is one of the SMOOTHEST Radiohead tunes ever. I've never thought of their music as "sexy" until this song. A jazzy R&B groove that REQUIRES one's head to bob during listening. Thom sings mysteriously of a love affair and chants "denial, denial" in between verses. Hey, if Michael Buble can sing about him and Mrs. Jones without complaint, then why can't Thom?

15.) A Martyr For My Love For You - the White Stripes

This has quickly become one of my favorite Stripes songs. Bouncy guitar that turns violent mid way through, and melts into the meanest organ solo. Jack talks of the only way to show this girl his love is by doing nothing: "I could stay awhile/but sooner or later I'd break your smile/And I could tell a joke/but sooner or later I'm bound to choke/We could share a kiss/but I feel like I can't go through with this/I bet we could build a home/but I know that the right thing for me to do/is to leave you alone."

14.)All Across the World - Silverchair

"Whimsical" is the best word to describe this melody. One of the best melodies I've heard this year. Daniel Johns seems to be singing an apologetic letter to his wife, Natalie Imbruglia (remember her "Torn" hit?). The two spent most of their time on separate continents, busy with their own careers, and you really feel it when he sings "I'm on my way home" to close the song. The fact that the two recently split just this week adds that much more emotion to the lyrics. Sad : (

13.)Hafsol - Sigur Ros

I first heard this song when I saw the group last year, and literally felt the hair rise on my arms and neck. Its the only one I hadn't heard before at the time, and later found out it was a modern reworking of a song from their pre-fame first album (which I've since purchased). This version was finally released on their Hvarf/Heim EP, and blows the former version away. The bass is being played by gliding a drumstick along the strings....amazing. The end has the keyboardist going to town on some sorta pan flute.

12.) Sea Legs - the Shins

The bass line makes this song. When I first heard it, I was a little surprised at the sound. It was Shinsy, but pretty different than anything they've previously done. Appropriately, the song makes you feel like your slowly bobbing up and down to the waves of the sea. Good thing is, I don't have to take Dramamine to listen to it. Its very hypnotizing and is definitely one of the best songs the band has done. Too bad they didn't play it live when I saw them...

11.) Everything - Michael Buble

Hey, I am not the BIGGEST fan of the Bubble (I leave that to my wife), but I definitely don't mind the guy. Cass has his albums, and though I'd heard them through her I didn't remember hearing this one until she sent it to me as a lil video love note. And it still gets me every time. I hate using the word...ahem... "cute"... alot. But that's definitely what this song is. As pop love songs go, its very classy and I dedicate it to my Cassidilla!

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matt lohrke said...

i'm with you on 'house of cards' and 'sea legs.' both great songs!

and you sure we aren't somehow related? hmmmm....

thanks for posting on comics. in addition to the spidey collection, last weekend i got the x-men collection, too--1963-2003. it's funny to see the original x-men [jean, cyclops, angel, beast and iceman] battle 'the blob!' if you're interested in a copy of the dvd, lemme know....

i don't know much about marvel comics these days--any titles you'd recommend?

and did you get the email i sent you about posting songs to the blog? i sent it to your aol mail.

AND i finally mailed the comp off today, to your parents' house as instructed! :) lemme know what you think!

crystal said...

Chris, I'm seriously loving this list of yours and I would like to thank you for posting the songs as well. Can't wait to see the final tunes that made your list..

mckarlie said...

Niiiice. I like how you put the song after. I think my favoirte out of all those songs is 'Please Read the Letter'... don't get me wrong, all of the are fantabulus, but 'Read the Letter' just sends me into a music trance! Although I agree that it really isn't the calcuated 'best' of the album... but it is my favorite.