Saturday, December 26, 2009


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#75. Veckatimest

by Grizzly Bear (2009)

Baroque-space folk-pop (?) Still new-ish, but its inching up the decade list.

#74. Renegades

by Rage Against the Machine (2000)

The great Rage's last one. This is how a cover's album should be done.

#73. Silent Alarm

by Bloc Party (2005)

A promising group that sorta fizzled out after this. Boy what a fabulous punk-funk debut, though.

#72. Moon Over the Freeway

by The Ditty Bops (2006)

Dang these alt-vaudeville gals are fun. Great live show, too. Too bad they're lesbians. Or not.

#71. Discovery

by Daft Punk (2001)

I only barely heard this whole album for the first time this year. Still "discovering" its brilliance.

#70. Tyrannosaurus Hives

by The Hives (2004)

Retro punk deliciousness.The audio equivalent of caffeine. And just as addicting.

#69. The Mouse and the Mask

by DangerDoom (2006)

Cartoon Network's Adult Swim+One of the best producers (Danger Mouse)+One of the best rappers (MF Doom) = I like.

#68. Weezer (Green Album)

by Weezer (2001)

The last album I cherished before I went on the mission. The last summer album of adolescence.

#67. Message

by Mongol 800 (2001)

Extremely talented and fun pop-punk guitar chugg-chuggery. Great for a drive on the town.

#66. X&Y

by Coldplay (2005)

My least fav of their's, but it is Coldplay after all. Don't be a hater.

#65. Keep It Together

by Guster (2003)

Guster's best working of harmonious melody and folk rock grooviness.

#64. Fleet Foxes

by Fleet Foxes (2008)

Bringing back the four-part harmony folk to the masses. And its even better live.

#63. Dear Science

by TV On the Radio (2008)

This is exactly why more black dudes should take part in the "indie" avant-garde.

#62. The Shepherd's Dog

by Iron & Wine (2007)

Lots of Twilight fans have heard this album by now. Sam Beam should have a full band with him at all times.

#61. III

by Love Psychedelico (2004)
The group's third album of electro-country-rock goodness. Representing some of Japan's best.

#60. Unrest

by Erlend Oye (2003)

This half of Kings of Convenience is obviously the fun half. Fantastic dance album.

#59. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

by Phoenix (2009)

Instant '09 classic, still marinating. If The Strokes had a baby with Kelly Clarkson, it would be this band.

#58. Viva La Vida Or Death and All His Friends

by Coldplay (2008)

Probably the most eclectic of Coldplay's albums. Beautiful and emotional.

#57. Puzzle

by Tahiti 80 (2000)

Them Frenchies sure do know how to make great dance pop. (See also: Daft Punk, Phoenix, Justice)

#56. Relationship of Command

by At the Drive-In (2000)

Before the split into Sparta/Mars Volta, these guys rocked to perfection on their final effort.

#55. Is This It?

by The Strokes (2001)

The slightly overrated but still brilliant debut of the garage rock revivalists.

#54. Get Born

by JET (2003)

Not nearly as unique or genre defining as Is This It?, but it's twice as fun.

#53. Nickel Creek

by Nickel Creek (2000)

First major label debut with Alison Krauss producing. And what a beautiful one it is.

#52. Evolver

by 311 (2003)

Not the mega-fan I once was, but Evolver is definitely one of their more adventurous and sincere albums

#51. Happy Songs For Happy People

by Mogwai (2003)

Winner for most sarcastic title. Brooding and epic post-rock instrumentals.


Bonofiededge said...

Woohoo I dont hate any of these!;)

Ian said... did I miss Phoenix when that came out? I heard about it and never paid it a thought until tonight. Wow! This is great! I actually didn't know too much from this batch, I am giving them a download now so I can be more informed in a few short hours