Tuesday, December 15, 2009

100 FAVORITE SONGS OF THE 00's: 75-51

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#75. Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear (2009)
An instant classic this year. Genre-defying pop brilliance.

#74. Demon Days by Gorillaz (2005)
An epic gospel ending to a three-part grand finale that finishes one fabulous concept album.

#73. House of Cards by Radiohead (2007)
Who'da thought these guys could make such a sexy R&B groove? I Heart them.

#72. Svefn-g-englar by Sigur Ros (2000)
Its a song about being born, from the baby's point of view... Simply amazing.

#71. Beyond the Gray Sky by 311 (2003)
This one's dedicated to my cousin Brantly Kirkham.

#70. It's Not Up To You by Bjork (2001)
After this song, I was sure fairies really lived in my back yard.

#69. In Mind by Do Make Say Think (2007)
No matter what kind of bad mood I'm in, this tune'll fix it good.

#68. We're Much Preferred Customers by The Dissociatives (2004)
Welcome to Planet Pod. Complete and utter nonsense never sounded so sublime.

#67. Safe by Travis (2001)
The perfect song to listen to once you hit that "Oh crap, I'm an adult now..." phase.

#66. Festival by Sigur Ros (2008)
Seeing this live was a spiritual experience. Its long, but listen to the whole thing. Loud.

#65. Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups (2006)
The best Smashing Pumpkins song of the 00's wasn't by the Smashing Pumpkins.

#64. Stay Out of Trouble by Kings of Convenience (2004)
Purely heartfelt and honest lyrics like this are hard to come by these days.

#63. Smoothie Song by Nickel Creek (2002)
The best instrumental all decade, hands down. What a talented group.

#62. Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap (2005)
I hate that emo punks and rappers everywhere are using this song to push their crap.

#61. Untitled 4 by Sigur Ros (2002)
Sometimes, pure, sonic emotion doesn't need a title. Or real lyrics for that matter.

#60. 1901 by Phoenix (2009)
One of the most instantly infectious pop tunes to come out in years.

#59. Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon (2008)
This song is carried by its flawless vocal melody. Once its in your head, it stays.

#58. I Don't Love You by My Chemical Romance (2006)
Starts off like Coldplay's "Yellow," and ends in brilliant monster ballad bombast.

#57. 2+2=5 (The Lukewarm) by Radiohead (2003)
You can hear Thom say "That's a nice way to start, Johnny." As track 1 on Hail to the Theif, I couldn't agree more.

#56.轍- Wadachi- by Do As Infinity (2002)
A dreamlike, melancholic, and hopeful song about growing up that hits all the right spots.

#55. Harm of Will by Bjork (2001)
(whispering) It doesn't get more intimate than this...

#54. Gagging Order by Radiohead (2004)
One of the simplest, most sincere, and best of Radiohead songs.

#53. Acid Food by Mogwai (2006)
Mogwai doesn't usually use lyrics, but the subtle sighs of guitar and voice fit perfectly here.

#52. Lonesome Tears by Beck (2002)
A random button on a listening station in Japan first brought this tearjerker to my ears.

#51. After All These Years by Silverchair (2002)
I make sure and listen to this beautiful and poetic song of resolution every New Year.

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