Monday, December 14, 2009

100 FAVORITE SONGS OF THE 00's: 100-76

You know I'm a list nerd.
How can I pass the opportunity to create a DECADE list?? To be honest, I've been making this list since 2009 began.

This is a significant decade for me, it being the first full decade I was able to fully appreciate the music around me as an adult with a decently educated opinion. It also will probably be the last full decade of being able to pay so much attention to it all as much as I have. Soon as kids and work, etc., start coming up, I'm sure those'll take priority. We'll see. I'm sure I'll find time somewhere.

I do these lists for a couple reasons:

a.) I don't keep a journal, but sometimes I do like to record significant things about who I was at a certain time. The music I listen to is a big part of who I am, I really enjoy looking back on it and I hope maybe others might as well.

b.) Since its such a big hobby of mine, I love sharing it with people. I like to show people great tunes, and why I think they are so great.

c.) Its fun. I enjoy writing, I enjoy music, and I like making lists. Badabing, badaboom.

But, enough chat, lets start things off. This is a list of the 100 (that's right) songs that most affected me this decade. These were the tunes I kept coming back to for whatever reason. But, 100?? Believe me, it was harder to narrow it down to 100 than it was to order the songs themselves (which is why I decided to include a bonus one). These are the songs that defined me.

You don't have to listen to them all, but the links are provided for your curiosity! Click away, give it a second to load up, and enjoy. Let me know what you think! (Check back daily for the continuation!)

BONUS #101. Trying by Lifehouse (2000)
Beautiful instrumentation throughout, & nothing like their radio hits.

#100. When the Day Met the Night by Panic at the Disco (2007)
The song that convinced me to pay attention to my least favorite band.

#99. Sooner by Asobi Seksu (2004)
The sexiest wall of sound this side of My Bloody Valentine.

#98. So Here We Are by Bloc Party (2005)
A romantic sounding nugget of goodness that landed on my wedding mix.

#97. You Belong by Hercules and Love Affair (2008)
A bit of 90's dance brilliance sung by a couple o' talented she-males.

#96. The Denial Twist by The White Stripes (2005)
Guitar god he may be, but my favorite Jack White is the piano man.

#95. On A Neck, On A Split by Grizzly Bear (2006)
When this thing burst around 3:05, its oh so exhilarating indeed.

#94. Man of the Hour by Pearl Jam (200)
The song that made me cry at the end of Big Fish. More than once.

#93. The Rip by Portishead (2008)
Scared the hell out of my inner child, but left the adult coming back for more.

#92. The Underdog by Spoon (2007)
If you aren't hooked by the first 20 seconds, you might not have a soul.

#91. You Ate It by Love Psychedelico (2002)
You want "swagger?" Eat this bit o' groovtastic acoustic riffery and call me in the morning.

#90. Reset by Mutemath (2006)
If your headphones were human, they'd probably make out with you for this one.

#89. Hope There's Someone by Antony and the Johnsons (2005)
Strange, captivating, hypnotizing, haunting... and completely beautiful.

#88. One Time Too Many by Phoenix (2006)
Depending on your mood, this could either be the happiest or saddest sounding song ever.

#87. Think I'm in Love by Beck (2006)
Beck's in love again, but it makes him nervous to say so. We hear ya, Beck.

#86. Comfy in Nautica by Panda Bear (2007)
Mammals unite! Panda Bear from Animal Collective makes a Lion King song!

#85. 真実の詩 (Shinjitsu no Uta) by Do As Infinity (2002)
The intro alone should shatter that language barrier for you.

#84. Lifting the Veil from the Braille by The Dissociatives (2004)
I affectionately refer to this one as an "electric cowboy jam."

#83. Colors by Utada Hikaru (2003)
I heard this one in a taxi on my mission, and it was stuck in my head until I got home.

#82. Australia by The Shins (2007)
If "Happy" and "Go Lucky" had a kid, it would definitely be this song.

#81. Bodysnatchers by Radiohead (2007)
Try NOT moving your head to the chug of them guitars. Impossible.

#80. Live Without It by Killing Heidi (2001)
I love the guitars in this. A very 90's sounding alt-pop-rock song. That's a good thing.

#79. Prelude for Time Feelers by Eluvium (2007)
Very much a modern Moonlight Sonata. Exquisite! Beethoven would be proud I think.

#78. Memory Lane by Jake White (2000)
A subtle, spiritual acoustic jam that kept me alive for two years in Japan.

#77. Such Great Heights (Postal Service cover) by Iron & Wine (2003)
Sometimes, a cover is better than the original. Danced to this at my wedding.

#76. White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes (2008)
A harmonious folk-pop round that sounds like something kids should learn in pre-school.

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Bonofiededge said...

Great list so far but...I'm going to have to disagree with you about 1 point while Iron & Wines cover of such great heights is amazing it is not better than the original!:}

I am Chree-uz said...

Well, the nostalgiac points boosted this one up. I'd probably agree with you except that the Iron & Wine one has a personal connection.