Monday, December 21, 2009


Well, here begins my list of favorite albums of the decade. Bare with me while I pontificate a sec...(or just skip to the list).

KEEP NOTE: its not a presumptious "BEST OF" list, it is simply MY favorites. Who can even determine what is the "best?" You can't in art. Its impossible. The closest you can get to logically assuming such a thing is a vote on popular critical consensus (for such a list, check Metacritic's critic compilaion here ), but thats still just critic "opinion." Some might even suggest looking superficially at what sold the most, but that never works, especially in this digital age. (For that info, look here if you want to...)

Speaking of that, isn't it incredible how the music climate has changed this decade? I read something interesting in Rolling Stone. The record for most units sold in a week ever is held by Nsync's No Strings Attatched back in 2000 (2.4 million). In a recent week in 2009, that 2.4 million is more than the entire top 200 combined. It went from its peak to rock bottom this decade. Yet, despite the industry's downfall, more music (and BETTER music) has been coming out than ever before. It has been an insane decade: politically, culturally, economically, and artistically. Our music continued to mirror the world around us, and the results were anywhere from terrifying to blissfully hopeful.

A lot of amazing stuff. And as usual, it's ranking ends up being opinion. Like I said with the songs, these are the ones that I kept coming back to. The albums that defined me in the 00's. I don't care what they did to culture, or what elitist websites, magazines or friends think about them. Hence the absence of Arcade Fire's Funeral, or anything Animal Collective, for example. Everyone seemed to love these groups this decade, and while I did enjoy them, they just didn't click with me.

Fun Fact: I'm proud to say this list is pretty international. Nations with featured artists: (order of quantity per nation)

Three different languages show up (English, Japanese, Icelandic) and even a couple albums in complete gibberish. Obviously a Euro-centric mentality when you speak English. But at least I got Asia in there. Although the USA has the most artists on the list, not a single album in my top ten is from the US. Kinda interesting breakdown.

Anyway, lets get to it. I hope you'll be intrigued enough to check some of these out that you didn't know. They are all great, in my humble opinion.
I decided to have the 100 spot be a three way tie between a few albums that all had a significant impact on me upon their initial release, but I haven't really listened to them much since. Still, the impact was big enough I thought they should be mentioned.

#100. Lateralus
by Tool (2001)

#100. Morning View
by Incubus (2001)
#100. No Name Face
by Lifehouse (2000)

I loved all these back in the day, and now and then I still enjoy them. Still fun to listen to.

#99. Com Lag (2Plus2IsFive) E.P.
by Radiohead (2004)

Only a short E.P. of b-sides and remixes, but they happen to be some of my very favorites.

#98. deftones
by deftones (2003)

Shoegaze metal is so cool. I don't care what you say. Deftones rule.

#97. Carnavas
by Silversun Pickups (2006)

Even a mere shadow of the 90's Pumpkins is good enough these days.

#96. Some Loud Thunder
by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (2007)

A sinfully underrated sophmore album. Quirky in all the right places.

#95. Let Love In
by The Goo Goo Dolls (2006)

Always a soft spot for the Goo. To the point and great pop songs.

#94. Cross
by Justice (2007)

Acid electro-dance that you can head bang to. Go France!

#93. Death Magnetic
by Metallica (2008)

The boys bring back a little bit of that rifftastic glory of yester-decade.

#92. Raising Sand
by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss (2007)

Most unlikely couple & one of the most surprising albums of the decade.

#91. This Side
by Nickel Creek (2002)

Dem Nickel Creek kids do me right every time. Das da troof.

#90. A Certain Trigger
by Maximo Park (2005)

High energy new wave punksters with epic melodies and beats to spare on this'n.

#89. Thunder, Lightening, Strike
by The Go! Team (2005)

This album really makes me wish I was a jump-roping cartoon. In the 70's.

#88. Hopes and Fears
by Keane (2004)

Probably the best voice in the myriad of Thom Yorke impersonators. Including Thom.

#87. The Ditty Bops
by The Ditty Bops (2004)

This album makes me wish I was a vaudeville cartoon. In the 30's.

#86. ぽ (Po)
by B-Dash (2002)

Gibberish lyrics = fun for everyone. One of the funnest/funniest albums all decade.

#85. Speak For Yourself
by Imogen Heap (2005)

Sometimes cheesy, but always catchy and fun. A Chris & Cass road trip fav.

#84. Sea Change
by Beck (2002)

(sniff) Poor, sad Beck. You've done made us all cry now.

#83. LOVE
by Mika Nakashima (2003)

On the shortlist for sexiest album of the decade. Smokey Japanese jazz-pop.

#82. Howl Howl Gaff Gaff
by Shout Out Louds (2005)

When you think "slightly emo Strokes," it doesn't sound so good, but oh it sure is.

#81. Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?
by of Montreal (2007)

Amazing how an album can sound so insane and fun at the same time. Brilliant.

#80. The Life Pursuit
by Belle and Sebastian (2006)

I really should like this album more than I do. Cuz its so friggin poptastic.

#79. Breakaway
by Kelly Clarkson (2004)

I really shouldn't like this album as much as I do. But its so friggin poptastic.

#78. Neon Bible
by Arcade Fire (2007)

Such pure emotive intensity is a rare treat these days. (I should like this more, too.)

#77. Serena-Maneesh
by Serena-Maneesh (2006)

I swear I have dreams that sound like this album. Very surrealistic rock.

#76. The Garden
by Zero 7 (2006)

Electro jazzy goodness. Another sexiest album contender. Good for those cold nights.


Bonofiededge said...

Tool, Deftones and Metallica ugh!
and you're right you should like Belle and Arcade more!:)

I am Chree-uz said...

Hahaha! Suck it