Wednesday, April 30, 2008


UGH!! Finals weeks SUCK! This was possibly the most I've had to work my butt off during a finals week. At the same time, its been more rewarding. Not only did my history teacher assign us a dandy 12 page paper (!!!) at the last minute, but I had these doozies to work on. Anyway, here are my two final projects.

FIGURE DRAWING: Assignment - Take an artist of which we appreciate their take on the figure and emulate their style in a unique composition (did that make sense?)
I could tell you who I chose, but what's the fun in that? Anyone guess? The artist was a painter, but me being the horrible painter that I am decided the closest I can get is by computer. So, I drew it up, and had me a digipainting session.
I used my two brothers as models, then the teacher informed me we needed a third I included butt ugly Gulkee Goo on the right there. (he is also based off one of my brothers...but the face is altered...slightly... :)

Update: This I have already turned in and the teacher loved it

ILLUSTRATION: Assignment - Illustrate and make a small book at least six pages. Still haven't offically MADE the thing yet...but finally finished the illustrations! The story is based off of my cousin Deirdre's short story of Chuck the Chicken. (I'll have to put that on here sometime too for reference!) These are also drawn then colored in the computer. I went for a really raw look, but I think it turned out good. Deirdre was happy so that's all I need! These are actually meant to be viewed small too, the book I was making is pretty tiny.

Well....PHEW! Thanks Cass for putting up with me. I love ya!


Bean said...

Dude Finals suck! Your drawrings are frikin awesome man. I hope to join your side in a blogish realm return soon.

matt lohrke said...

love the TROGDOR shirt! ;)

crystal said...

Chris, could you just give me a teeny tiny bit of your talent?? I swear, I struggle drawing stick figures. Hooray for summer break!

mindyk said...

I know, I know who the painter is. Pick me!! Turned out really amazing. Also, love the chicken.