Saturday, February 9, 2008

Yo bead is gewd: An update of me.

It be February of 2008! MID Feb! Already!? Lots of red colors and fat hearts. And great candy might I add... Some celebrate Valentine's Day, while others celebrate cursing St. Valentino and his wretched day of love and/or the absence thereof. (As for me, check my previous post for the 4-1-1 on my Honey McBunion, otherwise known as Cass)

Well, since its Feb, that means January is over. It came and went as most January's do. I think this first month of every year is always pretty durned eventless. Nothing much ever happens. School has begun...again... and I continue my slow but semi-sure path to completing it. I often wonder if I am going anywhere at all in my schooling. Is it even worth going to school? I like to learn and I eventually desire a degree, but I feel like I still have little clue as to what the hell I will be doing with my life. I am a "graphic design" major, but what is that anyway? I still haven't taken any official "graphic design" classes yet. I see people who are amazing at illustration, and I see others amazing at "graphic design," and I wonder where I fit in all that. Somewhere in the middle I think. So, we'll see I guess. Perhaps I would make a good teacher...or a stripper? Either way, I really want to be able to provide for my family, but that's a whole 'nother story itself! Family?!?...!!!?? That means having kids... is that safe?? Not only do I fear for the lives of potential children, but I also greatly fear that looming power of... KARMA - arma - arma- arma. That's right, me and Cass are gonna be doomed to spawn of the devil if Karma has anything to say about it. At least I get to curse them as well by saying "I hope your kids are JUST...LIKE....YOOOOOOU!!"

As far as entertainment in this first month or so of "Oh Ate," here's what I deam worthy of my responsibility-avoiding attention:

Music: First great album bought this year, Vampire Weekend. A very smart indie rock outfit that sounds more than a little like the Clash, with a few sublte keyboard blips here and there. It's the little things like that which make this rise above the usual of the genre. Take exhibit "A-Punk" for example. Here is their video for it:

Now go out and purchase. Don't download, what's the fun in that??
Also of note, the group called MGMT (pronounced Management, I believe)and their Oracular Spectacular. Fabulously psychedelic laptpop-rock (get it?? Laptop+ pop! Haha..ahem.) that feels like a sunset beach party. The group sounds almost like a more melodic Animal Collective to me. And if that still doesn't make sense to you, take a look HERE

Also of note, the greatest pop album EVER (yes, better than any Beatles album in my humble opinion) was re-released in a 25th Anniversary edition today. That's right, 1982 was a good year (I was born, this album was released...coincidence?? I think not!)

It also comes with a bunch of AWFUL remakes by the likes of Fergie, Akon, Kanye, and Will.I.Am. What can ya do...

I started buying the new Ultimates 3 series, because one of my favorite artists from the 90's (Joe Madureira) came back to draw it. As far as story and dialogue go, it's...laughable, at best. No super hero should say "Like, ew, GROSS!" when she disposes of a villian... Which is why it's a good thing the art is fantastic !

Also, January's Rolling Stone had a sweet article on Radiohead. Suh-weet.

Not in the mood to review thoroughly, but moving picture shows I've seen recently are as follows:
CLOVERFIELD: AWESOME monster movie. Someone actually brought soul into a b-movie genre.
SWEENEY TODD: Also very awesome, but WAY more gorish than I expected. If you know me, you know how I lose conciousness and go into shock with such things. Still, great movie.
27 DRESSES: Katherine Heigl is good. I like her. Also good is James Marsden who finally gets a role where he's not getting shafted by much cooler super heroes (X-men, Superman, Enchanted). He's perfect as a romantic comedy dude though, and not so good as Cyclops.
Here he is in Enchanted.

In other movie news... check out the new trailer for The Hobbit movie HERE!

Anyway, I died my hair black again, and lately have been growing my "facial hair" out. Camera don't work, or I'd take a picture. So, that's all for now. Sorry so long, just thought some people may be interested in a slight update in my life. Sigh...


crystal said...

I think you should definitely look into the stripping business, I hear it's very profitable, much more lucrative than a graphic designer. Taylor and I feel the same way about kids, if they turn out anything like Taylor, we might be in for a real treat...

Bean said...

Dude I love your sir blogs alot! Probably the most artistic piece of work I have seen this side the san pete county. Vampire Weekend is good. I love all your links and videos dude! I have been on your blog for about 45 minutes! Bueno stuff my friend!

Avery said...

That darn wife of yours! She got me hooked on the Flight of the Conchords, and I in turn filled Joe in!! :D I love that one, Its my favorite. Hey do you think you could go over PS 7.0 with me? I am learning about layers and want to know a bit more... Thanks!

matt lohrke said...

i LOVE rick astley. dood has serious pipes. i own tons of the rick. i'm so glad you linked to a video of his. [i say all this without the slightest shred of irony or hyperbole.]

long live stock, aiken, and waterman!

karla said...

Funny, funny Chris! I didn't know you were majoring in graphic design - very cool!

Rory & Lori said...

You are into the FLight of the Conchords too? They have been banned from my house for the past 6months! Rory would sing it ALL THE TIME!! It drove me nuts. I really do like them, but now their songs just remind me of morning sickness. But I must admit, Albi is my favorite.

Cassidy Mae and Christopher Michael said...

Aw you are so cute..... :) Don't worry I'd have to wash my clothes eventually and I don't mind getting a new warlet.