Friday, February 8, 2008

My Valentino

So, I never do these profile questionaires. One reason is cuz I spent so much time doing them in the early days of the "Net de la Inter" and my friend pool never increased, neither did my fame. Infact, both DECREASED.(Though I never did get a vile disease)
You've seen one you've seen them all right? I don't want this to sound bad, but I started getting sick of seeing:
"Q:Who is your best friend? A: Well, I guess Jesus is!"
That's fine and all, I'm a true believer, but I'm not sure that's the point of the questions...I could be wrong.
ANYWAYS...Cass has done a few of these and tagged me to continue the spread. I figure this nice Valentine one was appropriate, and a good tribute to my lil Cassy Lassy for the occasion. (For her answers, check her page @

How did you meet your VaLeNtInE ?
Answer all the questions HONESTLY . . . .

1. Where did you meet?
I met the Cass at Yokota, AFB in Japan. She was the 9 year old sister of my friend Whitney, I was a 12 year old strippling.

2. What was the first thought that went through your head when you met?

I thought her sister was hot. : )

3. Do you remember what she/he was wearing?

I am gonna go out on a limb and guess she was wearing nicely patterned church attire because I think the only time I really saw her in those days was at de churche.

4. Where was the first time you kissed this person?
This was much later of course. It was at her sister's house in Vernal. She asked if I wanted some Carmex, or if I alternatively wanted some LIPS. We both laughed akwardly, and later I took her up on the Carmexed lip action, but she fell asleep.

5. How did he/she ask you out?

Well, I suggested she come visit me from New York, but after dat, it was basically her wit' all da moves.

6. Where did you go for your first date?

Our first official "date" date was Cafe Rio in Salt Lake, followed by "Meet the Fockers." But, I like to count our first date as Christmas day, when I picked her up from the airport, and we walked around Temple Square saying stuff like "boy, my hands are cold" and what not. Then we went to my house and watched "I, Robot"

7.How long did you know this person before you became a couple?
I think it was 12 years! Wow...Das a spicey meat-a-ball-a!

8. Has this person ever proposed to you? (I really like Cass's answer haha)
She proposed to me for about a year and a half, but I kept saying girls aren't allowed to do that.

9. Do you and this person have kids together?
No. I'm not too sure that's legal at this point.

10. Have you ever broken the law with this person?
Um...I dunno. She says I broke into our landlord's house, but the door was unlocked, so that doesn't count. Ahem...does public nudity count? Er...

11. When was the first time you realized that you liked this person?
On the phone, when I realized she was the first girl (possibly ever) that I truly felt myself around. I didn't have to pretend. (And the picture she sent of her in a school girl uniform was nice. )

12. Do you get along with any of the ex's of your partner?
I don't think I've ever met any. Somehow I think if I knew them, I'd get along with them better than she would.

13. Do you trust this person?
She's my trusty Cassidill.

14. Do you see your partner in your future?
Yes'm. Even if there is a problem with the time space continuem(sp?). Time travel....initiated.

15. Whats the most expensive thing this person has given you?
She's treated me to a nice surprise hotel weekend and bought me really nice Jazz tickets before. Most things are free of charge ; ) Ahem...

16. What is one thing he/she does that gets on ur nerves.
She is very good at nagging. But specifically, she tends to attack my driving mistakes before I make them. Haha.

17. What is the thing you do that gets on his/her nerves?
Um... She hates my male gaseous releases of all forms. She would rather I explode into oblivion!

18. Where do you see each other in 15 years from now?
I'll be 40...I try not to think of those things. Hey, my brother Jord will be MY age by then! Egad....

19.Will this person repost this?
If she does, it'll be her second time, but here is a picture of Wolverine fighting Post.


I am Chree-uz said...
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Cassidy Mae and Christopher Michael said...

You're ultra cool... and I love yer guts. In the words of Jermaine... "Ya beyad is gud."

Avery said...

Hey Chris I thought you might like this... its a blog of note for February... oh and did you have a rude comment on yours too!?!?

Ssssheee ya :D

crystal said...

40! Are you serious! Oh that is disgusting, I feel like my life is vanishing before my eyes. I met Taylor when I was 19 and now I'm of the verge of 24, is that crazy or what? That picture makes me laugh, I can't believe you guys knew each other way back when... it was destiny. I'm glad you did this little tag thing, your answers made me laugh.

Bean said...

you tickle me with delight