Thursday, February 21, 2008

Some non-nude things

Just thought I'd put up some stuff. Dig?

Finally busted out the "Digital Tablet" (fingers in the air) and decided to practice by coloring Mr. Bugm'n here. Low quality scan original, so the file is kinda pixicated (yes, I just made that word up.)

This is a scan from a linoleum carved print I did. Carved, inked, and slapped on to papa'. It accidently folded if ya can't tell.

From figure drawing. Can ya see it? Tis a lady (clothed!)...created entirely of paper scraps. I was very NOT excited to do this assignment, but somehow it turned out perdy nice. (Still not sure I should put up anything from what REALLY goes down in there. wink wink)

Some quick facial studies I thought were fun. That old guy's expression could be explained in so many disturbing ways.


The Ninja Leprechaun said...

How 'Bout this'n: The old guy went to the bathroom one day and a monkey jumped out o' the tarlet. The old guy was shockid by this tarlet monk, so he started asking the monkey lame questions like " We' Howdy do, mista monkey? I reckon i oughta dip thee in beer batter and fry you right up!" And," How'd you get in dere, you li'l monkey? you try to go swimmity in the plumbitty? Didja? DIDJER? Oohoohoo i betcha did, nah dintcha!" The monkey just kinda sat there and tried to eat the toilet paper, the old man got depressed, aaaaaand that's how he got that face. Theeeeeee EEEEEEEEEEEND!
Was that one good?

I am Chree-uz said...

Holy shiznit Danus. Das' golden right dere.

Why does your old man sound like Pappy O'Daniel's Flower Hour? "Issa figga speach! Ya dumb sonbitch!"

Anthony Holden said...

I believe the word you're looking for is pixelated....but maybe I just made that up

Bean said...

That was some beautimus maximus by the Danji-nation. Your drawring are frikin good broseph, I can dig like a plate-o Sush!!! MMMMMMM Sush!!! We need to get our grills up in som tigre negro !!! Ya'll feel dis?

crystal said...

why oh why can't I see the lady. I was never good at these things like the "Magic Eye" series, never could find those. Anyway, I think I may have picked out a leg, but then I got lost after that.

P.S. Don't ever feel like your comments on my blog are less than incredible. Yours are probably the ones that i like reading the most so keep them coming.

King Family said...

Hey Chris this is Jaclyn. I couldn't tell who you were for the longest time when you commented on my blog. But I finally figured it out. I do have to say you blog is really weird, but I don't think I would expect much else. Well I hope life is being good to you, I looked at your wife's blog she looks darling.

LaFawnda said...

hey guy,

I'd give you a rererral any day for any children's illustrations, just keep them clothed. Absolutely loved the coloring book,

Cassidy Mae and Christopher Michael said...

Haha that story made me laugh.... "Issa figga speech!" hehehe Pappy O'Daniels Flour hour by the way... it's flour that you put in cakes not flower that you pick for your loved ones :) You are so funny hehe