Friday, January 23, 2009




But, as I have come to find, things are always subject to change. Good grief. So, it may just be best to check your local listings and/or this link to Fox as it comes closer. Sorry for the runaround, I think I have told people 3 different things in the last week or two.
Thanks to Crystal for the updated update information.

(Read below post for more information on what the heck I am talking about.)
And be sure to check out my Top Ten cuz it is exquisite.

Who says the pink bunny was the only one in it so far? I got me 2 whole FRAMES so far! Magic of slow-mo. Unless your eyes are amazingly fast and superb.

There's one more cool thing. My hands are in the newest Ensign magazine on page 33. (Yes I am being serious.) That's my handwriting on the paper too. 
Eat your heart out, George Castanza.


crystal said...

Glad I could be of service. So I just don't know if you could get any more famous. First you're on t.v. and now those long skinny fingers are being viewed by every Mormon around the globe!? Seriously Chris, I know I will be telling my kids in 20 years "Chris and I were friends way back when...."

It makes me feel cooler just knowing you

karla said...

Man, and I thought you were famous for being on American Idol - but the Ensign?! Jeff and I are super excited for Wednesday. :)

Rob and Bri said...

Hey there Chris! It's been awhile and let me tell ya..I was shocked when I saw you on American Idol tonight! Interesting tactic, but hey, the bunny worked didn't it? It got you some major air time. I wouldn't expect any less from Chris. BTW, email me at so I can invite you to my blog. It was good to see you - even if it was on TV!

mindyk said...

Holy Never Cave Under Pressure, Batman!! You were a rock--and you were GREAT! That was so much fun to see you, and how great that your whole fam is home to watch together. Tell them HI.

Nice hands.

Shelly said...

Simon was not my favorite last night. I thought you were great. We are proud of you. Way to go Chris!

BHodges said...

Hand model.

Sky, Steph, and Selma said...

Loved the audition last night my friend!! I was telling everybody to watch cause I knew you would be on and my brother from USU even called down and was like, "Did you see Chris Kirkham on American Idol?! He was so funny!" I can't believe I know a celebrity now, you're famous! :) You were awesome, so hilarious!!

P.S. I'm thinking we all need to get together again, it's been awhile! Jazz party anyone? (Well, maybe when they start doing a little better..)

LaFawnda said...

Hey dude where is the ring?????

Melissa said...

Hey so I saw you on Idol last night you are like totally a celebrity now! Check out this article about you it was on the AOL ticker when I logged in for email. Crazy! You actually didn't sound half bad...I thought Simons expression was hilarious! Melissa Boswell (Bridenstine)

Anonymous said...

Chris, you were awsome, even better than the Rabbit. We are very proud of the way you dealt with the entire interaction with the judges. Way to go! Aunt Deb and Uncle Carl

Bentleys said...

I totally would have said yes!! You looked great!! Fun to see someone you know!!!