Monday, March 10, 2008

My first niece!

Its somewhat late news now, but finally I have the time to post this. Last week on March 6, my sister Megan had a baby girl! Her name is Kahri (car-ee) Marlene Millerberg and Kyler himself basically named her. The story goes, awhile back when Meg asked Kyboy what they should name the baby, he looked around for some answers. Since they were in a parking lot he replied with "Car-ee." As he thought about it more, he added "Peeshy" to the mix. When it came time to actually name the chil' Kyler was upset that they would even consider anything else! So, an adjustment to the spelling (and I assume the deletion of the "Peeshy", though that's what Unca Chree-us will call her) and the addition of "Marlene" (after my Mom's mom who died when I was 8 months old) and you have the newest member of the fam. Here are some great images for ya'lls! (courtesy of my photographer sis, Jenni)

Click here: Kyler and his new sis

What a cute kid! The bottom half of the face seems to be Meg, and the top half is Brady. Stay tuned for some more bloggish additions as spring break comes! I had such a busy week last week, I shall enjoy doing absolutely nothing.

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Bean said...

Cute little fetcher! Good jobuncy kirx! Those pictures look similar to Jenni's blog. hmmm. I love you.